Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HSH's 2nd Birthday! :D

yoohooo people~
this is peiyinie aka CREAMMM here. LOLLL

first and foremost,

thankyou siewlin for inviting me as author so that i could write this post(:

thankyou to all who attended the celebration/mega-ed/weather-ed/being part of HSH.
basically all HshEmpire people :D

we had a mini celebration when the clock striked twelve.
a gathering at cc14 fm18.
attendance is pretty good, and laoda is present.
[of coz, how can he miss it? f3]

and well, those who attended were given this small door gift of......


being transformed by N00bsim.
[gahhhh! what a gift]

all transformed

there goes the pretty creamy,
transformed in a... box?!

creamy the box

something worth being happy about. heh
coz NONE was spared, even the afking lengzai, yx. ^^

all transformed

muahaha, i wouldnt have allowed anyone to be spared anyway =x

anyway, how can a celebration do without megas? haha
they are a form of showering love & blessings to the TLC guild: HSH
and also the beloved guildmates: HSH-ians

the megas

and of coz not without weathers.
another form of love showering :D
courtesy of our very own UNCLE BEAR aka kohcmeng,
who double up as the weatherman =x

unclebear's weather

special thanks to our special guest,
[known as John if i'm not wrong. lol]
for showering HSH with love and blessings also :D


as if megas and weathers are enough. f3
obviously.. NOT.
the AOE-ers decided to shower us with love using their own way,
what a unique way
[not forgetting lagging us all. LOL. jkjk]


so sorry i didnt get xia0b's meteor.
our only meteor-er.
but she meteor so fast T-T

anyway, hereby thank our beloved LAODA aka 2hangfei!
if not for his formation of HSH, we wouldnt have existed(:


see, he's so happy :D

lastly, sincere thanks to all those who have attended
and shared the joy with us.
may HSH continue to shine on and....


x33 HeiSerHui
"Once a HSH, Forever a HSH"

with loads of love,
peiyinie aka CREAM(:

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