Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rules & Regulations

  1. Please refrent from using vulgars in guild chats and outside
  2. No spamming in guild chat. When a question is asked, if no one answers, please don't spam the chatbox. It is either no one knows the answer or they are currently busy or afk-ing
  3. Respect other guild members and people around you
  4. No tracking guild members in PQ (Party Quest)
  5. Jr.Masters have the right to expel anyone from the guild
  6. No hackers or scammers. If it is found out, we will file an report and expel you
  7. Rank is determine by the Guild Master and Jr.Master. They will raise your ranks according to your activeness in GPQ, Guild Events or Guild Gatherings. Not based on one's Level
  8. No ksing other people, if being ksed, please informed the guild and help will come to you
  9. To prevent from expelling any of the members, members are require to leave a notice of reason of inactiveness in the Guild BBS, if not the Master/Jr.Masters will not hesitate to expel anyone
  10. If leaving the guild (e.g:Ks wars), please notify Master/Jr.Masters or other members know
  11. HeiSerHui is a guild meant for maplers who feel comfortable to get together and know each other more. If you don't feel happy, please leave, we don't want anyone to not feel happy in the guild.
  12. Please don't treat HeiSerHui as a hotel and leave and join the guild as you like. Once a HeiSerHui, always a HeiSerHui. Quoted by kohcmeng.

    Any members going against the rules will lead to expellation from the guild.
    Happy Mapling.^^

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