Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Newborn SE-er

BIG GRATS TO NoobBM [Hara&Sim's BM] 4th JOB :D
an additional SE-er to HSH.
lets treasure all these guys who made the addition.
GRATS TO GEAS5 for hitting 126.
walau 1 more level same as me liao T-T
slayer mai train so fast leh D:

with love,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Grats to ALL.

thanks to the 2x given,
plenty of our guildmates leveled.
so hereby
and also not forgetting,
oh, i think she'll want to thank all who helped her w gene quest.
so thankyou to all who helped,
mainly momo, law, autumn[using df], boi and me.
and also to all who offered to help! :D

mega for lingg

with love,

Sunday, April 12, 2009


A very sad new to all...

Had Left us....
Due to Some personal reasons..
Hope All respect her wish...
And All the best...
Also Hoping She will Be back home Soon...
Door will always be open awaiting and welcoming her...


Shall Stop here...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Congratz HeiSeiHui Guild Ranking 5th AGAIN!!
Login at around 1+pm in the afternoon today..
Just happens that quite a no. of people were online^^
Then..somehow..we decided to have GPQ!!
From 6th --->5th!!
But somehow..there were pretty little attkers..see the 3 of us crying there for momo~
That's the only 3 attkers available..LOL
Mom0 Probably died 10 times during the process..
i Died once nia..the other 2..haiyo..least twice ok..F3
All never watch their MG de..wakaka..
eh..why my head look so freaking big=.=
Momo..dying again..and again..and again~
Think we did round 5 or 6 rounds..lolz..2 i/l arch mage N 1 NL nia..
Okok lar..manage to down erogth round 5 mins..
though we don't have bishop..**spam like shit**..lolz..
Diam Diam thio dispel sia
Hara only came at the last round..T_T
But nevertheless!! JYJY HSH-rians!!
x33 all my dar dars~chuu~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Paying A Visit

Well, was suppose to log in to return the Godly staff to my didi...erm...I forgot the staff name, but the only thing I remember is its price. Coz my didi bought for 200m -.-

Ye-ah...so after returning, I got carried away, whacking monsters and picking mesos, which somehow and someway fascinated me. Probably I haven't played in awhile :/ I lost the value of mesos and I keep having negative thought towards sumthing. Nevertheless, I feel so HYPER!!! YAY!!

Okay, I'm too over board. -.-"


So, I was farming around in Malaysia when I saw this mega. The name so familiar but thanks to my outdated brain, I couldn't make out whether it was that person or not.
And I remember I wanted to pay a visit to someone. Someone special?
Since, I was...too bored farming away...

I decided to pm that person, GiNuEaPiG.
The famous blooger of GodHeaven guild. Check out their blog. *winks* ;D

And, dang you are right!! It was that "someone special" indeed!
She seemed surprise to see me PM-ed her.

So, I decided to pay her a visit. Dropping by in FM CC3.



So, we chatted. I forgot what we chatted. But I remember it was something about...me hating cockroaches and piggy(Ginu) about hating frogs? O_o"

I tagged kkazuki07 along.

And we have some fun.

*coughs* *coughs* some kind of aroma thingy which changes your expression automatically. So weird. xD

kkazuki07 went totally insane x)

Oh, great. Another look alike kaka. Ish. *rolls eyes* :/

But, even so, good things will always come to an end. It was time for me to go.

It was fun :]

Awww...dare dare 0oXia0DKo0...of coz I'll include you in the ss...

THERE!!! x)))))))

Hehe x)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scarlion Helmed

Thanks all who have help me helmed :/

Helmed on the day itself when I log in, what an unexpected news :O

But thanks for sloting me in :)

And it's an all HeiSerHui Malaysia Boss run =D
except for 1 person... P: Hehe...

Okay, Yah!!! I'm feeling so hyper now!! Dunno why.

Special thanks to the attackers :

ICEcreamr1 (using Tokwanyi)

And gratz pAiKiazZz & aHBlurLing helmed!!! :D

Thanks for helming me!!
Thanks Mom04310 for providing me pots!!
Thanks for those kind maplers for sparing me town scrolls :/ (my bad, I keep forgetting to buy)

Getting Ready

Throw Bear Bear

Well, it wasn't really hard to bring down B1 & B2. Its attacks are...mostly missed?
Maybe, it's because my HP bar is always full :O and I'm the one who slacked the most :OO

We even chat while fighting..hehe...

Body 1 - Innocent Bear Bear

Body 2 - Ugly Bear Bear

Body 3 - Even Uglier Bear Bear...well, lucky it doesn't look like uncle kohcmeng bear ;D

But, at B3, MoM0 and creamy don't let the helmers fight. They said it's dangerous, while I didn't see any harm in it. But I don't wanna take any risk and cause any trouble.
So we 3 helmers sat down S-L-A-C-K.
paikiazZz died for going near the boss. Ha-ha. Budybody. F3 but got revived again. F3 lucky you.

After 1 hour or so, which seems like forever, when I almost fell asleep on my keyboard... P: my bad...

they finally kill Bear Bear! Yay!

There were 4 helms. Didn't see the drops.
I took my first helm.
Stats for first helm.

Not really nice, huh? :/
There's extra 1 more, so they let me take :D hehe (stop it siewlin! ur too greedy TT)

Stats for second helm.

hehe...better then the first stats :D

Thanks ahman for the mega :D

And, Gratz others who helmed as well!!! :D

See my ugleh smile!!! x)))))

Malaysia's Boss Helm Runs

Gratz to all who have helm-ed recently
To all who haven get helm yet..you guys will have to wait a while ok
The list of helmming is pretty long
There can only be 2 run per day..sometimes we do only 1..while sometimes the run might fail=.=
Priority goes to active players
According to our experience..momo suggested that helmmer will be require to go into the map first and check to see if it's empty before the rest heads in..<--shall not go into detail bout that
Looting of helm w/o instruction is prohibited
Please do not upset any of our member by ignoring the helmming priority list>.<
PS: Siew siew dar dar..can try on during the weekends if u're free..we'll helm u^^
Special thanks to Law aka xxlvvwvvIxx and Dragonfly890 for constantly helping in our run^^
x3 all my dar dar^^ chuu~

Thursday, April 2, 2009


> aHBlurLing [aka ling] & pAiKiAzZz [aka boi] zak helmed!
> kohcmeng [aka uncle bear] scarlion helmed!


and also hereby wna say a BIG SORRY,
to those who attended today's targa run. x.x
sorry for wasting all your pots, stars, time, exp and effort, etcetc.
sorry to apolo, sim and slayer for not being able to helm you 2.
[stupid scarlion dropped only 2 helms, though one of the helm got nice stats. 18 19 19 19. F5]
also sorry for dc-ing without even get to take a look at targa =="
love ya guys and thanks for the help(:

with love,
peiyinie aka CrEaM.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April's Fool Day = Mom0 Birthday..o.O

Happy Birthday Mom04310
I doubt she'll see it..why am i still writing this??LOL
Eh..this is not a April's Fool joke ok^^
Please Visit Xia0B(aka my beebee dar dar)blog for the updates on the celebration held^^
At cc14 rm 20
Everyone stay happy ok^^ we're 1 big family~ x3 HSH!! Woots!!