Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post Of The Year

Goodbye Year 2009!!

Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!!

Hope more prosperity and wealth will come into our lifes in year 2010.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Gathering

Mom04310 organized a small Christmas gathering surprise for Blamblameb at Happyville, 11.30pm. To countdown for his birthday.

Most of the members turn up during the gathering. Ex members like iwlsp and cherly also turn up to celebrate too. Well, sorta.......

Everyone gather at the cc14 and tried transforming themselves into some creatures to enter a room, but, not everyone had snowpiece(from last year's Christmas quest). So, davidlimxxx and me, tried to get everyone into their transformations to get into the room.

Everyone went crazy indeed.
It was merely impossible to control these small tiny head maplers to stand still and to zip their mouths to take a snapshot :D

But we got the shots in the end *wipe sweats away*


So called a countdown for Blamblameb birthday, eh
Anyway, sorry Blamblameb for not making such a...wonderful birthday surprise for you, but no worries, this present is especially for you.

Ok la, maybe very plain and uncreative la, but got silver heart shapes, okay? if you can't read my writing xO


At the end of the SS Session, Blamblameb gave a short speech to us :

Xia0b aka Bee
Blamblameb : bee, you are my fan
Xia0b : you are my butt f3

Blamblameb : momo, you are my mom

Dreammech aka Roger
Blamblameb : dream, you are my dream

iCeStyLisT aka Muddie
Blamblameb : mud, u are very lengzai. I like your hair d wax

Blamblameb : yiyi, don't follow panda wrong step

Blamblameb : mon, your eye is the smallest I ever seen

Blamblameb : ache? your board, edi touch monny butt

Blamblameb : siewpao....erm...your hair is very straight...(zzzz....)

Blamblameb : moon, I like digimon when I was 7

Blamblameb : david, don't give up in TT

Blamblameb : long time no see

I got prove le, I SS it down...F3...


So, it's the end of Christmas already, and school is reopening soon for those who are still schooling. And I still haven't go research on what to study in my future ):

So, till then. Enjoy your leftover holidays to the fullest! (: Bye!

HeiSerHui-ans Sleeping Together

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just Sharing

I found this video in KennySia blog. He's a famous Malaysian blogger. Just to share about it. This video cracks me up.

(praying hard that kitty only sees this after he quits maple)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season Greetings

3 more days to Christmas. My, how time flies. And it felt like it was just yesterday when I celebrated Christmas with my guildmates in year 2008.

However, let's not forget about the true meaning of Christmas.
Christmas is not all about Mapling or Chionging 2x...yada yada yada...
Christmas is not opening presseys or eating turkey or watever crap you eat on that day...yada yada yada...
Actually, the true meaning of Christmas is...

The birth of Jesus Christ.
Being thankful to people and forgiving our enemies.
Loving one and another.
Helping the needy.

Well, I'm not a Christian. But doesn't mean that I'm not a Christian I can't celebrate Christmas, right?
We can help donate toys to orphanage. But I doubt everyone will do that.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all HSH members and to all Delphinus maplers out there.

Monday, December 21, 2009

First Trip To Singapore

Thanks Creamy for organizing a gathering at Chinatown.
Thanks for the belated birthday cake.
Thanks ah boi and lingg for the transportation.
Thanks kitty for making so much noise.(Next time, I'll smash the cake at your face (: )

Don't need to feel sorry for me for being left out. -.-"
I'm like that d. Very timid one (: Takes time to open up to new people, gua...
But, thanks for everything la... < /33333Everyone

Click this link, if you wanna see more pictures of my Singapore trip.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


last saturday was so bored.. F5
so decided to hav a special event "FINDING MOMO"
as tis is a sudden decision so mayb not everyone is able to go ba.. cuz meeting time is 1hr later =p hehe
so sms to date dear momo out for a movie n dinner..
went to JB with ex-guildmate aka tour guide mr wlsp,
im the org i shld b the one who bring him go, but i only noe go to kranji mrt to take bus.. rest duno liao
so in the end i follow him here n there =.=
cinema was so crowded with ppls.. (movie ticket only RM11 nia.. cheap cheap^^) as momo was busy with her own thing, so we bought ticket 1st n wait for her..
busy momo was late ard 40mins after show started.. (i was standing at the entrance watching movie for ard 20mins till i bth le.. thn i pass ticket to the staff, ask them pass to a gal name elaine =p)
after movie, 3 of us was complained "storm warrior" not nice de,
momo bring us walk walk at city sq thn we hav dinner at ah foo street..
in fact the foods is more tasty thn city sq de lo
after finish my food, i saw something, we ordered cane drink de uncle was washing cups..
nth special rite?
but he is using a pretty small bucket de water to wash all cups..
erm.. erm...
speechless lo..
thn i told myself "dirty eat dirty grow"^^
anw "FINDING MOMO is a nice trip to me..
hope more ppls can join us next time^^
let hav "FINDING MOMO part 2" ba
f3 all

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Hey, people! Guess who's back? :D

Yes, finals is over!!! Yayyy~~!!! Another process of growing up ))): Noo~~!!!

Well, after spending the whole day, endlessly, downloading MapleStory, each time, praying that the 3 hour process of downloading will go smoothly. (But, no, it didn't) I finally SUCCEED!! 
And also changing all my accounts passwords, which makes it even complicated for me...ZzZ...Asiasoft passwords are so screwed up. F3.

The first thing that happen to me when I log in, was, my fame got scammed. called, the sign of welcoming me back to MapleStory, eh? :]  (It's just 1 fame, so who cares...)

I went loitering around the maps, asking endless questions about stuffs, yada yada yada yada........


Then, we had this tiny weeny small family gathering coz I wanted a family tree :D
So, I ask davidlimxxx to be in my family. And, out of nowhere, pop out HSH members in FM. Uh-huh.
Thus, one small family turns out to be BIG! So, not only do I have a Junior, but a Senior :D

It was under zXcmlharaXz family :]

Then after a quick ss, we went to Time Paths in Leafre, to complete quests.

davidlim, Charm, Blamb, Ken, and woshisid were the among of people who went.

Together with my Junior, "Lao Sai-ing" in the sky :P

My dragon siewlin is pregnant (:

Dragon Blamb is giving birth ((:  His baby is holy, that's why it glows (((:

david tried to kill Blamb (:

Finally aunty siewlin level up after one year of absence (:

Killing The Ugly Dodo Birdy Fish


Spam kill Dodo Fish with my senior

Yeah, so, that's all for the welcoming party, gua...I guess :D

Gratz those who had Leveled today.
Gratz to those new Jr.Masters who I haven't grats yet.

and I hope I will get along with the new members in HSH also with my new family members (:


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Marriage to SnowyFei & MelisaGordon

Wedding Bells Ringing~
Congratulations to the newly wed,
SnowyFei & MelisaGordon

was kind of lucky to login at the right time
and got invited to their wedding(:
but the invitation bug almost made me gave up going -_-

the invitation thats so difficult to get.
finally got it after several attempts.
thanks to momo for being so persisting.
she motivated me to continue spam relog for the invitation. hahahah

MelisaGordon & SnowyFei

thanks to them, we get to see the new look of the wedding hall.
it was changed so that the couple
and the guests were on the same platform.
though its better in a sense that guests get to see whats going on,
but it gets kind of messy to the extent that....
people actually asked where's the couple -_-

and its kind of weird that the priest stands in the middle.....
i know in real life, the priest do stand in the middle.
but mind you, this is a 2D game leh........

in the process of taking wedding photo...

well, as my scroll lock key is not working [as usual, which idk why..]
i cant spam take screenshots and choose the better ones.
so make do with this luh.... =/

lastly, shall end off this post with a prettier screenshot..
already the best among the rest....
so you can imagine how's the rest. =/

once again, grats to SnowyFei & MelisaGordon.
wish the two of them happy marriage and stay lovey! heh.

best wishes, ruth(:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Gratz Keni And David Advanced To 4th Job...
HSH New Born NL And HERO.....

And Not to forget...
congratz Keni got his Showdown and Blam Got his inflinity~

Too All Who are Chiionging The Aran class... JiA YoU...
See Who Get The Ring First... Hahahaha...

Everyone JYJY chiong lv200....


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday~

Happy Birthday
All The Best For Those Having Exams
Happy Holidays


sending my best wishes to siewlin:


all the best to you and hope you enjoy your birthday despite the ongoing exams.
and also, jyjy and gd luck for your remaining papers!! :D
thanks for everything you've did for the guild and the blog,
we truly appreciate everything you've done! take care girl!

with loads of love, ruthh.

p/s: ps mama, i continued from your post since its all on birthday wishes. hehe

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Gratz lea dear Pass MW20....

And Gratz all who lv during the 2x Exp event...

Jyjy all~~

I miss GPQ!!!!
When.. when... when...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I feel my hands itching up for some Maple!!! RAWRR!!!

8 more papers to go!!! F5!!!

Oh yeah, I just change the blog skin. Dunno whether it looks better or worse, but makes not much differences, no?
I wanted to put other skins d, but, I dunno how to put the codes and all those codey codey stuff and it requires sooooooooo much time that I even find it sooooooooo annoying...(I'm excuse coz I'm a first timer :P)

I wanted to find those layouts which doesn't have all those like 'you love me, I love you' or those lovey-dovey layouts with all those holding hand pictures here and's just too...too yucky to be use as a HSH blog -.- ...but, I'll just stick to this classical old boring layouts bah :)

What's with the head picture on top? All my maple pictures outdated, yeah... :D

Why am I blogging this? This blog is almost half dead, half alive all the time...
So, I thought I might keep you, HSH readers, busy reading....hehe... :P

But, anyway, it's already the school holidays and Singapore 'O' Levels is already over.
So, happy mapling and level-ing to all HeiSerHui members!

For those Malaysian students who are still taking SPM, all the best in your exams!! Still got 3 more weeks of hell!! LOL...

And a reminder to all HSH Members that THE CLOSING DATE FOR THE BANNER COMPETITION IS 30TH DECEMBER 2009!!! So, please use your 1 month free time wisely and carefully!!

tatz all for now (:

P.S : Keep the updates coming people!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Getting bored of ur old char...
A new job is out... ARAN class...
try it out...
Free ring(untradeable) when u become lv 50...
is xfer-able between ur char in the same acct wor^^


New medals available...
Do log in and collect them all...

Free 2x EXP

18th Nov 2009
2000hrs to 2200hrs

From 21st Nov 2009 (Sat) to 3rd Jan 2010 (Sun)

Weekdays (Mon – Fri)
2000hrs to 2200hrs

Weekends (Sat – Sun)
1400hrs to 1600hrs (Needs to be activated by ‘Noo Noo’ Event)

Weekends (Sat – Sun)
2000hrs to 2100hrs

Free 2x Drop(Nov)

21st Nov to 30th Nov 2009

1330hrs to 1430hrs
1930hrs to 2030hrs

Jyjy train guys...


Izar World

Launch of a New World – Izar in SG Gateway

For More information visit maple webbie....


and and

our dearest momo change new hair style...
and cash shop item...
want to see??
Log in maple....
guild a bit "DEAD"

Is sad to say Goodbye to Some guildies...
Whatever it is...
Good luck and take care...
We will miss u all...

And not to forget...
Welcome Newcomers...

Home Sweet Home...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Happy Birthday
Aiai AKA WanYi
All The Best For Ur Exams..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

HeiSerHui First Banner Competition

The purpose of this competition is to enhance creativity among HeiSerHuians.
This competition is open to all HeiSerHui members only.

In your banner, you MUST include :

1. HeiSerHui name
2. HeiSerHui logo
3. Members of HeiSerhui (not necessary every member, and please, not all pictures of your own self and the same members repeatedly for 4 times)
4. Banner must be Horizontal
5. Size of banner must be 720x576

In your banner, you are allowed to :

1. Use any materials to make your banner interesting
2. Use hand materials (colour pencils, crayons, paintings, sketching, etc)
3. Include words/names for each character, but make sure it is readable
4. Include maple monsters (Zakum, Eragoth, etc.)
5. Pictures and/or words must be cleared

In your banner, you are NOT allowed to :

1. No foul languages
2. No Porn
3. Must be original
4. No copyrights
5. No moving pictures
6. No criticism about religions/races

To participate in this competition, participants must :
E-mail your banner to
Follow by the participants name(characters name), level and gender.

The most vote for the banner will be announce as the winner.
The winner of this competition will receive 10K A-Cash and their winning banner will be posted as HeiSerHui's blog banner.

The closing date for this competition is 30th December 2009.
I hope members will cooperate and make this first event a success.
Thank You.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Fishing Rod~~

HSH busy fishing~~

dear all~~
now there is this fishing event~~~
Grab ur now~~~
For more information pls refer to asiasoft website~~
for the regular~~ should know who is the UBBBBB~ hahaha~~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Gratz Thad aka Milk3hake~
Pass Gene 20^^
FOC spamming? For me? =P
Gratz LymLynette level 16x
Woot~Jy !
When will you be my dar dar also?
Late Gratz NagemasMerah
TT10 & 20~
jy level wor~
Welcome to the new members!
Love and glad that you are here^^

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old Pictures, Old Memories

I was looking through my old Maple Story pictures and found this...

Lol...this picture is like...Year 2007 I think...
that time icecreamr1 and dunno who who who haven't join HSH yet... :

I tried joining in with the guild conversations to know the members better
and eventually I made this...erm...funny looking logo thingy...So

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thi picture also 2 years ago. After (2 hours), it look okay-okay to me,
But now I see like...seeing grandma photos like

tatz it :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

outing ^^

(Boi, Ling, Bee, Momo, Teng, Ruth, Kitty, Roger)

Ty all for coming to the picnic^^~~~
And X3333 momo for the Surprise visit~~~

and the nice movie outing at cine after the picnic~~ MEATBALLSSS
with bee, momo, teng , ruth and roger...

happy birthday sugar aka ling~~


Ps~~ next outing who org?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


aHBlurLing aka lingg, my aiai :D

and also

x1aok1tty aka quentin :D

all the best to the birthday girl and boy!
hope they truly enjoyed their birthday and the outing that day(:
you know we love you :D

with loads of love, ruthh

Monday, October 12, 2009


MoM04310 for HT necking!
yay :D

Friday, October 9, 2009


i recieved this email...

Dear Maplers,
We have randomly chosen 30maplers from maplesea to win 50k cash and you are one of the lucky winners.
To collect your 50k cash please include the following bellow in your reply letter !

Asiasoft Id :
Asiasoft Pass :
Maple Character name :

You have to include the following above in your reply letter if not your50k cash couldn't be generated..

Thank you Mapler !
Maplesea Asiasoft Cash Department !
Please continue to support Maplesea !

nice try la... u think i cheapo ar?
50k... say 500000000000000000000 USD la~~~
is a scam ma.... put more zero la~~~

send email? i report police~~ track ur IP address~~~~

Thursday, October 8, 2009

counting down

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Counting down 2 more Hrs..

When the clock strike 12...


With lot and lot of lovesssssss

our rich mom04310 de new robot^^

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bad Bad Bad

Our well-respected Kohcmeng (Uncle Man aka Uncle Bear) TIO Dengue Fever.
He is now resting at home.
Lets all Pray Hard he will get well soon.

Outing Comfirm

Outin Outing Outing~~~~

Picnic + Birthday Celebration for Roger, Bee, Kitty, Ling.

Location - Singapore . East Coast Park.

Meeting Place - Bedok Interchange.

Time - 1340Hrs

Transport - Public Transport . Bus 401.

Food - Pot Luck .
Vegetarian Food Provided By Bee.

Activities - Cycling . Rolling Blading . Kite Flying . Not To Forget-EATING.

Incase of Rain - Some Indoor Activity. TOUCHWOOD!!!

Hope the weather will be good that day.

People pls don be late...
ECP have quite a few bus stop...
We wouldnt like to play hide n seek with each other.

If You Are Interested Or Want More Information, Pls Sign Up Or Contact With Bee, Yiyi, Creamy, or Me.
Hope to see >YOU< there. ^^

PS. Those Who Want To Bring Your Other Half Dont Be Shy.. Prepare More Food.. The More The Merrier..^^
PS. Bee... Camera. Pls Remember Batteries...


Updated on 06th Oct 0435hrs

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guild Members Birthday


Slayer - 2nd Jan
NageMasMerah - 13th Jan
Ruth - 22nd Jan
Davidlimxxx - 24th Jan


DigitalMoon - 12thFeb


Reakio - 02nd Mar
Uncle Ng - 23rd Mar


Momo - 1st April
Hong Dou - 8th April
QiiQii - 25th April


2hangfei - 3rd May
IceMaker - 4th May
Romeo - 13th May
philliptan - 21st May
Sleipmon - 30th May
wlsp - 31st May


Kohcmeng(Uncle Man) - 1st Jun
Thaddeus - 5th Jun
SinnerChris - 6th Jun
Charm & Keni - 25th Jun
Siddy - 29th Jun


Aegeria - 20th Jul
DevilishTeck - 30th Jul


Karl - 7th Aug
CheifC00keR - 13th Aug
ilolipopx3 - 15th Aug
Teng - 18th Aug
godhellxxx - 20th Aug
Muddie - 28th Aug


b4clrnlnt0n - 19th Sep
Paikiazz(Boi) - 24th Sep
DreamMech(Roger)- 30th Sep


Xia0B - 9th Oct
LazyHead - 12th Oct
XiaoK1tty - 13th Oct
BlurLing - 14th Oct
XiaoYouXi - 16th Oct
Hara - 25th Oct
Hirokusama -30th Oct


Lynette - 8th Nov
WanYi - 13th Nov
ZhenLiang - 17th Nov
SiewLin - 30Nov


Law - 1st Dec
HG -8th Dec
Ah Yee - 9th Dec
Leasaac - 12th Dec
BlamBlameb - 26th Dec

PS to the ppl i left out...
I am still trying to Find Out All the Dates..
Pls Put Down ur Bday if I left out...
Guys if u all know also kindly let me know too..
And Pls Correct me if I Put any date Wrongly^^
So I can Updates...

Updated On 20th August 2010, 5.13pm

Up-coming Birthday..

On the 9th Oct is our Xia0B(Honey Bee) Birthday....
And 14th Oct will be BlurLing(Sugar Ling) Birthday...

Hey PpLss, OUTING PLS...
Was intending to have a BBQ party for them...
But due to the time... some ppl already have plans...
we were unable to have it on the 9th and 10th...
so anyone free on 11th or the following week which is 16th,17th,18th...
at least a lunch, dinner or movie outing.. thanks...

Do put down the date which u ppl are available and contact no.. or email Asap...

PPL who we may miss out ur birthday.. dont be shy to put down ur birthday...
Becoz we love u too...

With loves,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Shou Xing Gong" of the Day!!


momo's mega for roger(:

the birthday boy for today is our dearest Dreammech aka Roger!!
this post is abit late though, coz his birthday is going to be over in few hours time.
sorry about the lateness of this post, but still best wishes to Roger!
and also sorry that we didnt have a major birthday party for you at fm
neither did we organise an outing for you.
birthday must tell us earlier mahh!!!!!!!!!!!!! then we can celebrate for you(:

so anyway, hope he had a good birthday and enjoyed it and also all the best to him!
may all his wishes and dream come true yo!
plus plus plus, faster get married. LOLLL

let us shower our wishes and blessing for the birthday boy,
and happy birthday to roger once again(:

with lots of love, ruth.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


to boi, aka yang guang lao ren =x, aka pAiKiAzZz!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Keniichiro & Milk3hake for scarlion helming!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Milk3hake aka thadd on getting his GENEEEEEEEEEEE :D

and thankyou to those who helped him in getting his gene,
namely momo, yiyi, zl, xcharmex (yiyi's bl) and minyi (coz i used her bs. hehe)!

with loads of love, ruthh.

Wedding Of ImMrHg & leasaac - 120909

it has been long since our guild had any weddings going on.
yesterday was the big day for Hg & Leas :D

Wedding Announcement

alot of people came to attend the wedding to shower blessings..
and amazingly, even monks came to bless them too.
Hg & Leas must have really done tonnes of good deeds to be so fortunate
and receive blessings from monks. hmmm. =x

3 Botaks!

kidding lurh, they just love botak hairstyles can. which i wonder why.
coz personally, i dont really like botak hairstyles. LOL =x

not only the guests came in person, they also brought along their guardians.
wow, such blessings :D


feels like bodyguards to me, to stop any intruders or people who come and disrupt.
like you know tv always show, people want get marry then some random guy
barge in and try to snatch the bride away or something. lol. sorry watch too much tv =x
so anyway, the "big guys" being brought in sort of liven up the place i think.
so jealous lorh, i dont remember my wedding being to lively. LOLLLL =x


just look at the number of people man, so freaking crowded at the lobby.
i cant even see myself from amongst the crowd. D:
and wahrao lorh, make me lag also. LOL. kidding. i just dc-ed somehow nia. -_-

and sooooooooooooo.................
under the blessings of the TLC guild, HSH, and their beloved BLs,
the blissful couple finally stepped into the wedding hall.
and under the witness of us, they got married happily :D

Happily Married
SS provided by Hg.

i cant help it and i think i ought to say it. have the urge to say it.
hg ah hg, you should train your ss-taking skills. =/
omg, i mean at least minimize the chatbox mahh.............. -_-

so anywayyyyyyyyyy................
wedding leh, how can it go without megas & weathers??
sorry lurh, i cant find the weathers ss i took. wahrao lorh. -_-
like i said before, they are a form of showering our blessings to them(:


wedding, of coz must have happy wedding photos hor.

Wedding Photo

ps, this was the best i could take by using printscreen hor. -_-


see how happy the couple is :DDD


not only we grats them, the guild grats them too :D
and of course, after receiving so many blessings they gave thanks too(:

with this, marks the end of their wedding and off they went to get their rings & gifts.
after which, mama and i took their virgin APQ run :DDDD
finally manage to apq after donkey years -_______-

lastly, let us all congrat Mr&Mrs Hg once again and wish them happy marriage :D

with loads of love, ruthh.

p/s: ss were uploaded via photobucket and for privacy purposes, i cant allow "click to enlarge".
so if you guys want the full version of the ss, please drop me a msg or something(:


Hello people, i'm currently collecting all ss taken yesterday during leas and hg's wedding.
so if you have any, feel free to email it to me at:
AND, please state your name and ign as the subject
+ inform me when you send it. if not i'll treat it as junk & delete. -_-

should ask you guys to stay tune to this blog for the wedding update,
but am currently quite busy with my internship.
sososo, the post might take quite some time to be up here.
bigbig sorry to leas&hg about it, and also to the readers.

like what mama has mentioned in the tagboard...

LATE GRATS to HSH moved up to the 4th ranking!
thankyou to all who attended the gpqs and help out.

LATE WELCOME BACK to Tokwanyi aka my yiyi dardar :D

with loads of love,
ruth aka CrEaM :D

Friday, September 4, 2009


We R HSHers :D

as the title says it all~
since we were all so bored, went for gpq :D
this time round there were seven of us, and strong attackers. heh
and big thankyou to zl for bringing his noob and jumping the lvl30 hole.

above ss taken with the "NEWS" letterings from agent quest,
provided by charm and lingg aiai,
and also the christmas decorations letterings provided by momo.
sorry about the badly taken & decorated ss, because i cant ss with scroll lock,
had to print screen and paste...
initially dream was beside me in the ss, but i accidentally overwrote the ss. -_-
anyway, boi refused to take ss with his ugleh look so i've no choice but to post it like that.

the 2 rounds of gpq were a success and also some of us got scrolls from bonus stage.
think a few thousand more of points we'll be able to overtake liberte.
so JYJYYYYYYY to HSHians~~~~ :DDD
oh, and also there's 2x exp this coming weekend i think so jyjy chionging levels too! :D

not forgetting something important, with reference to the guild bbs
our dearest bm ImMrHg & bishy leasaac is getting married !!!!
after countless attempts of proposal + seeking approval from ahyee,
Hg finally manage to get leas to nod her head and marry him. :DDDDD

Wedding Details

Day: Saturday
Date: 12 Sept 09
Time: 11pm sharp
Venue: Amoria Wedding Village (duh!)

RSVP to Hg/leas by Monday 7Sept09, 12am.

hmm, try to RSVP as soon as possible bah so they can plan properly and send out the invitations early as you know there's limit to the number of invitations they can send out. so ya. haha

please try to reach there earlier on the actual day so that their wedding can start on time.
you wouldnt want to keep hg waiting you know, he's been waiting to marry leas for so long already... LOL

so anyway, let us all gather and shower them with our blessings and warmest wishes on 12Sept!

with loads of love,
ruth aka CrEaM :D

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Historical GPQ moment.

ohkay, i realised not only blogger is screwed up
there's something wrong with my firefox also.
i cant upload anything with firefox, hence i need to use IE -_-

anyway, returning to the purpose of this post....
2 days ago [Sat 29Aug09], HSH suddenly wanted to go gpq.
it feels sudden to me coz i think i just came back from afk or something..
so anyway, we had around 2-3 rounds of gpq.
remembered we had our last round coz of this XX fella,
he say wanted to go coz he can bomb ergoth....
then since he said so, we also dont mind so had this last round for him.

so off we went for the gpq, with ONE single pt. coz the rest had to go off.
in our mind we were thinking we have people to bomb,
and also the person said he dont mind bombing even after charm say its ex.
so 1 bm, 1 chief dit, 2 i/l, a bishop + ken using noob acct we went for the last round.

but this fella here ah only know how to rush and rush,
while the rest of us try our best to jump the stupid spear stage. -_-
so anyway, all along throughout the gpq he just keep saying
he need go get his leech, he need go find his spammer,
his freaking spammer cant wait for him, nobody spam for him le. -_-

i am not writing this post to try and offend anyone.
but this is GPQ leh, shouldnt everyone be putting in their effort and trying to help out?
instead of helping, all he do is to rush us and do nothing. wtheck?
if you cant freaking stay and help, then dont urge us to go.
if you cant fulfil your promise of helping to down ergoth, then dont promise.
dont think you are all mighty just because you THINK you can freaking bomb the ergoth,
which in this case, he didnt freaking bomb the ergoth in the end. -_-

before we went, we were quite worried coz there are no strong attackers in the pt.
it was after the XX fella said he can bomb and ask us to go then we decided to go.
you might ask how about the bm?
she tried her best already can, she needs hb but since we got weak attackers
she keep going in to help but died. hais.

so anyway, the rest have got no choice but to spam like mad -_-
and this marks the historical moment of the hsh gpq, coz 2 i/l & 1 bishy downed the ergoth -_-
big thanks to ken for helping us with the stages before ergoth! :D


salutes to the team, especially to charm and mama for wasting pots and spam.
thankyou lym for trying all her best to help and down, though you cant really tank.

to the XX fella, regardless you see this or not hope can do some reflection.
we dont mind the pots used, but instead your attitude.

p/s: we didnt manage to ss down the ergoth stage coz all were busy trying to down ergoth,
and at the same time trying to keep ourselves alive. -_-

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Motivation For Beginners

How Did You Start Mapling?



Let's rewind back to the day before everyone helmed or necked or watever scroll that you have passed or leveled to Lvl200.

Back to when we all started mapling.

How did you start mapling?
Who introduced you to Maple back then?
Who was that person?
How did you know about this 'MapleStory' game?

Tell us your story by leaving down a comment below!
The best story wins! :D
[Prevention of Blogs DYING]

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

or is it just mine? -_-


(i cant freaking enlarge my words and all -_-)

the timing is so messed up, screw blogger.

oh wells, i shall blog again when blogger is finally well -_-

with love, ruth.
(i cant even freaking colour my name into blue T_T)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday To

Wan Teng aka DevilishRage!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

What Can Stress Do To Me

Oh, wait...I was just plain crazy...xD


(P.S : poor usage of language when I'm crazy...)

Moral Of The Story : Never bring me out to eat...jokin :D