Friday, April 30, 2010

Clearing An Issue

Dear loser,

What the hell is your problem?

Who do you have the right to restrict my opinions? Everyone have opinions! And I didn't say anything which humilated your country. I was talking about the game. Can't you even READ?! Did I type MapleSEA? I type MapleStory! Fuck you blind retard.

MapleStory is a online game. I can choose which ever gateway I can play and same goes with everyone else. Back then in year 2007, there was no Malaysian gateway. You don't even know when I started this game.

And did I say I was better then angelial? Oh, fuck you. I didn't even compare with her blog and mine. She has her own life. She's famous! That's good for her! I'm just a typical online mapler, playing to relax. Why should I be better then angelial?! Why should I even be better then her? I don't have time for videos and whatever crap stuff to do to make me sooooo famous. If I want to be famous, I would have posted advertisements to get money. I would have made lots of stupid videos. Fuck you. I have a life. I'm sure angelial has her own life to live too. I'm not dragging her into my problems. You should deal with me alone! Fucktard.

Oh, so you're insulting me and the blog, just because I'm a Malaysian. Fuck you racist.
If I'm a Singaporeon, doing all this things which disgust you. What would you say? Fuck me lousy Singaporeon? Fuck you instead.

Malaysian Gateway. Singapore Gateway. What's the difference? Isn't it the same? We all have freedom to choose. I bet there's even Singapore people playing Malaysia Gateway.

We are humans. We are busy with our own lifes. I'm sure all my friends are busy with theirs. HSH don't have many writers. I don't blame the writers not helping me to update the blog. I understand.
They leave me the blog to update, because I'm the ONE who started this blog. Most probably, they don't know what to write.

There's not much active people in the guild. So, probably there's nothing much going around. So, there's nothing to blog. finally notices this blog is rotting. Don't you even know? The blog was even rotten back then 2009 when I semi-quited 1 year of Maple. And my fellow writers tried to keep it alive. So, they do cared. If not, they would have just let it died last year.

You kept saying blowjob. Go watch porn and masturbate yourself. You're just horny. I don't welcome perverts like you to read my blog.

What are you gonna do if I still play at Singapore Gateway? KS ME? Bring it on.

Because of you. You made me no choice to sweared at you. Because you fucktards don't know how to leave me and the blog alone. Stalker! I don't sweared like you, fucktards losers.

My letter ends here. Fuck you.

Yours unsincerely,

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Happy Birthday Wormie aka QiiQiix33

Even though, you've already quitted Maple. But, wish you all the best in everything you do!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

MapleSEA Evan

Oh yeah.
There's Pirate.
There's Knight Of Cygnus.
There's The Legendary Heroes, Aran.

And, now...
there's even Evan?

Wow! MapleStory is definately making money through these online games. Rich eggtarts*.

It's a new job! Everyone is full of enthusiasm about the new job!
Oh, yeah. Sure, I'm cool with it. But, somehow, it doesn't excite me that much.


Cause, somehow, in my opinion.
It's all about that stupid dragon.

I mean, yeah. It's cute and cool and all.
I would like to give it a shot too, but unless it only benefits my main character.

A new arrival for Bahamut. Poor Bahamut ):

And, I heard the next job is coming out. Dual Blade?

Now, this is what I'm looking forward to (:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Red Bean

Happy Birthday Hong Dou aka red bean aka dough!