Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post Of The Year

Goodbye Year 2009!!

Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!!

Hope more prosperity and wealth will come into our lifes in year 2010.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Gathering

Mom04310 organized a small Christmas gathering surprise for Blamblameb at Happyville, 11.30pm. To countdown for his birthday.

Most of the members turn up during the gathering. Ex members like iwlsp and cherly also turn up to celebrate too. Well, sorta.......

Everyone gather at the cc14 and tried transforming themselves into some creatures to enter a room, but, not everyone had snowpiece(from last year's Christmas quest). So, davidlimxxx and me, tried to get everyone into their transformations to get into the room.

Everyone went crazy indeed.
It was merely impossible to control these small tiny head maplers to stand still and to zip their mouths to take a snapshot :D

But we got the shots in the end *wipe sweats away*


So called a countdown for Blamblameb birthday, eh
Anyway, sorry Blamblameb for not making such a...wonderful birthday surprise for you, but no worries, this present is especially for you.

Ok la, maybe very plain and uncreative la, but got silver heart shapes, okay? if you can't read my writing xO


At the end of the SS Session, Blamblameb gave a short speech to us :

Xia0b aka Bee
Blamblameb : bee, you are my fan
Xia0b : you are my butt f3

Blamblameb : momo, you are my mom

Dreammech aka Roger
Blamblameb : dream, you are my dream

iCeStyLisT aka Muddie
Blamblameb : mud, u are very lengzai. I like your hair d wax

Blamblameb : yiyi, don't follow panda wrong step

Blamblameb : mon, your eye is the smallest I ever seen

Blamblameb : ache? your board, edi touch monny butt

Blamblameb : siewpao....erm...your hair is very straight...(zzzz....)

Blamblameb : moon, I like digimon when I was 7

Blamblameb : david, don't give up in TT

Blamblameb : long time no see

I got prove le, I SS it down...F3...


So, it's the end of Christmas already, and school is reopening soon for those who are still schooling. And I still haven't go research on what to study in my future ):

So, till then. Enjoy your leftover holidays to the fullest! (: Bye!

HeiSerHui-ans Sleeping Together

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just Sharing

I found this video in KennySia blog. He's a famous Malaysian blogger. Just to share about it. This video cracks me up.

(praying hard that kitty only sees this after he quits maple)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season Greetings

3 more days to Christmas. My, how time flies. And it felt like it was just yesterday when I celebrated Christmas with my guildmates in year 2008.

However, let's not forget about the true meaning of Christmas.
Christmas is not all about Mapling or Chionging 2x...yada yada yada...
Christmas is not opening presseys or eating turkey or watever crap you eat on that day...yada yada yada...
Actually, the true meaning of Christmas is...

The birth of Jesus Christ.
Being thankful to people and forgiving our enemies.
Loving one and another.
Helping the needy.

Well, I'm not a Christian. But doesn't mean that I'm not a Christian I can't celebrate Christmas, right?
We can help donate toys to orphanage. But I doubt everyone will do that.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all HSH members and to all Delphinus maplers out there.

Monday, December 21, 2009

First Trip To Singapore

Thanks Creamy for organizing a gathering at Chinatown.
Thanks for the belated birthday cake.
Thanks ah boi and lingg for the transportation.
Thanks kitty for making so much noise.(Next time, I'll smash the cake at your face (: )

Don't need to feel sorry for me for being left out. -.-"
I'm like that d. Very timid one (: Takes time to open up to new people, gua...
But, thanks for everything la... < /33333Everyone

Click this link, if you wanna see more pictures of my Singapore trip.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


last saturday was so bored.. F5
so decided to hav a special event "FINDING MOMO"
as tis is a sudden decision so mayb not everyone is able to go ba.. cuz meeting time is 1hr later =p hehe
so sms to date dear momo out for a movie n dinner..
went to JB with ex-guildmate aka tour guide mr wlsp,
im the org i shld b the one who bring him go, but i only noe go to kranji mrt to take bus.. rest duno liao
so in the end i follow him here n there =.=
cinema was so crowded with ppls.. (movie ticket only RM11 nia.. cheap cheap^^) as momo was busy with her own thing, so we bought ticket 1st n wait for her..
busy momo was late ard 40mins after show started.. (i was standing at the entrance watching movie for ard 20mins till i bth le.. thn i pass ticket to the staff, ask them pass to a gal name elaine =p)
after movie, 3 of us was complained "storm warrior" not nice de,
momo bring us walk walk at city sq thn we hav dinner at ah foo street..
in fact the foods is more tasty thn city sq de lo
after finish my food, i saw something, we ordered cane drink de uncle was washing cups..
nth special rite?
but he is using a pretty small bucket de water to wash all cups..
erm.. erm...
speechless lo..
thn i told myself "dirty eat dirty grow"^^
anw "FINDING MOMO is a nice trip to me..
hope more ppls can join us next time^^
let hav "FINDING MOMO part 2" ba
f3 all

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Hey, people! Guess who's back? :D

Yes, finals is over!!! Yayyy~~!!! Another process of growing up ))): Noo~~!!!

Well, after spending the whole day, endlessly, downloading MapleStory, each time, praying that the 3 hour process of downloading will go smoothly. (But, no, it didn't) I finally SUCCEED!! 
And also changing all my accounts passwords, which makes it even complicated for me...ZzZ...Asiasoft passwords are so screwed up. F3.

The first thing that happen to me when I log in, was, my fame got scammed. called, the sign of welcoming me back to MapleStory, eh? :]  (It's just 1 fame, so who cares...)

I went loitering around the maps, asking endless questions about stuffs, yada yada yada yada........


Then, we had this tiny weeny small family gathering coz I wanted a family tree :D
So, I ask davidlimxxx to be in my family. And, out of nowhere, pop out HSH members in FM. Uh-huh.
Thus, one small family turns out to be BIG! So, not only do I have a Junior, but a Senior :D

It was under zXcmlharaXz family :]

Then after a quick ss, we went to Time Paths in Leafre, to complete quests.

davidlim, Charm, Blamb, Ken, and woshisid were the among of people who went.

Together with my Junior, "Lao Sai-ing" in the sky :P

My dragon siewlin is pregnant (:

Dragon Blamb is giving birth ((:  His baby is holy, that's why it glows (((:

david tried to kill Blamb (:

Finally aunty siewlin level up after one year of absence (:

Killing The Ugly Dodo Birdy Fish


Spam kill Dodo Fish with my senior

Yeah, so, that's all for the welcoming party, gua...I guess :D

Gratz those who had Leveled today.
Gratz to those new Jr.Masters who I haven't grats yet.

and I hope I will get along with the new members in HSH also with my new family members (:


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Marriage to SnowyFei & MelisaGordon

Wedding Bells Ringing~
Congratulations to the newly wed,
SnowyFei & MelisaGordon

was kind of lucky to login at the right time
and got invited to their wedding(:
but the invitation bug almost made me gave up going -_-

the invitation thats so difficult to get.
finally got it after several attempts.
thanks to momo for being so persisting.
she motivated me to continue spam relog for the invitation. hahahah

MelisaGordon & SnowyFei

thanks to them, we get to see the new look of the wedding hall.
it was changed so that the couple
and the guests were on the same platform.
though its better in a sense that guests get to see whats going on,
but it gets kind of messy to the extent that....
people actually asked where's the couple -_-

and its kind of weird that the priest stands in the middle.....
i know in real life, the priest do stand in the middle.
but mind you, this is a 2D game leh........

in the process of taking wedding photo...

well, as my scroll lock key is not working [as usual, which idk why..]
i cant spam take screenshots and choose the better ones.
so make do with this luh.... =/

lastly, shall end off this post with a prettier screenshot..
already the best among the rest....
so you can imagine how's the rest. =/

once again, grats to SnowyFei & MelisaGordon.
wish the two of them happy marriage and stay lovey! heh.

best wishes, ruth(:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Gratz Keni And David Advanced To 4th Job...
HSH New Born NL And HERO.....

And Not to forget...
congratz Keni got his Showdown and Blam Got his inflinity~

Too All Who are Chiionging The Aran class... JiA YoU...
See Who Get The Ring First... Hahahaha...

Everyone JYJY chiong lv200....