Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Rant About Mega Wars

Year 2011 is just 2 days away, have you thought of your new year resolution yet?

Well, school is going to start soon...
People will be busy with their studies, work, and yada yada yada...

Less people will online soon.

They'll be lesser lag.

Lesser KS Wars.

Lesser Mega Wars.

and nevertheless, more opportunity to hunt AhMa and Sam!!! Yay!! XD

Well, let's spend the rest of the holidays wisely ya ;D

~ ~ ~

A Rant About Mega Wars

Mega. A great way to express one's self to the whole server.
But, also, a great way for entertaining people and also burning a hole in your pocket.

Mega wars, you would probably see random maplers throwing insults and anger at each other through pink highlighted words. Once their mega's are interupted by interferers, who knows, you might be the next victim.

I find that mega wars is a waste of time and a waste of money.
Just imagine what other things you can do with those A Cash. I probably can set up 5 shops in one day and probably earn a "maple living"!! But on the other hand, with those money, I could have help myself with 4 plates of chicken rice, a plate of popiah, and a can of 100Plus.
If you're not the type who likes to eat, maybe with that kind money, you can help someone who is in need.

I mean, I find it pointless, for mega wars.

Though, it's an awesome way to show that you're powerful and loaded with cash. A way to show that you're fearless and powerful.
But, to me, if you want to show what's power, buy those 2-4k mega's larh!! Keep say more mega, more powerful. But all I see is pink megas. Cheh!! Lousy!!

As I was saying, I think mega wars is pointless and money consuming.
If you're buy A-cash using mesos, then it should okay larh.
But, to those who are still studying and not working, your parents work so hard to earn pocket money so that they can give you, and all you've spend is on some crappy mega wars.
If you're working, it should be okay larh.

Thus, I'm not saying buying mega is a bad thing. I'm saying that, spend your money wisely.
Don't waste your money on your anger, and your self-foolish reasons.
Because, no one is gonna remember it, accept yourself.

You will not be punished for your anger, but you will be punished by your anger.

GPQ Runs

As you all know, GPQ runs had been organized day and night in order to gain back our Top3 rank place, well sort of.
New members have been invited to the guild, and ever since then, our guild has been so lively again.
*sniffles* First time in a long time I've seen this guild so lively, I think I'm gonna cry T.T

Anyway, there were quite a number of members who turned up for the GPQ run.
There are some who couldn't make up their mind whether they wanted to come.
There are some who are too self-less to even bother.
There are some who............ dunno die where already.

But, anyway, thanks to those who had came for the GPQ.

Special thanks to FrozenChant, Tokwanyi and ArtOfNua.
Without you guyz/gals, I think I've already end up in the hospital.
Thanks to Ah Nua, the GPQ won't even be completed without you, since after all, I'm the awesome dc-er.
Thanks to Asa and Yiyi, whichever one who had brought the noob and also kill Eragoth. Plus, the multi-tasker(Asa), I have seriously no idea how she can control 3 characters(computers) in one time.

GPQ Entrance
RIP godhellxxx
4th stage - waiting
Another death - RIP Yumih
Killing Eragoth

Oh, by the way, for your information, our dear davidlimxxx is leaving for Japan around next year March. He is now currently busy with his Japanese class, that's why he seldom logs in Maple. So, I suggest that we should spend time with him whenever we can, okay? :D

For a moment, I feel that everyone close to me is leaving me :(

Welcome Back ArtOfNua

It's been a "busy" week. For the first time in many months, after our guild rank has drop to 5th place, we've been organizing guild runs almost everyday. Day and night. If that doesn't drive you insane, well, for me it does. Plus, my poor laptop could not stand the lag or either it's the Maple problem which keeps dc-ing me.

Anyway, first of all, I would like to deliver the good news to all of you.

Our newbie LoanShark(Jr.Master) which has been absent for 2 years is now back and active(for the time being)!!!

Who is it, you may ask?
Of course, it is the well known, ArtOfNua!!! :D

Ehehe...HeiSerHui welcomes ArtOfNua back to Maple!! F2.

Half-naked and equipment-less, Mom04310 has organized a Scarlion run last night to helm guild members.
And as a welcome-back-to-maple gift, we decided to helm ArtOfNua, as our main priority!! :D

Nevertheless, thanks to those who have come and help out for the Scarlion run last night. It was one heck of a messy party last night though. I think Momo also wan puke blood hor? :p
If I'm not wrong, there were 3 parties consisting of 14people. Since the maximum limit is 12 people in the map, 2 people were forced to leave. xRwjw and EvilKieli dc-ed.

Anyway, congratz those who have helmed, ArtOfNua, Yumih,GeneralArch and others. And congratz to those who have lvled during the pass few days as well!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Season Greetings

Wishing all HeiSerHui-ans and maplers a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lap Sap (Rubbish)

Tokwanyi is the most cutest NightLord in the whole wide universe!!!

lol. How sadistic is that. Since there's nothing nice to post anyway. Balalalala..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Delphinus Top 20 Famers

Here's the list of the top 20 famers in Delphinus, Singapore.
Not sure whether Eridanus is included, because so far there's no Eridanus or any new servers.

Delphinus, Singapore - Top 20 Famers

If you are wondering, "Walao eh, you go each and every page to see is it?!"
And, the answer is YES. I went to each and every page to see all right.

I got too much time on my hands. WAHAHAHHA!!!
No la, actually I'm dedicated to the things I do. That's why you should enjoy the things that you like to do most. F2.
Happy Mapling!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gratz Helm

Gratz all those who helmed.

Gratz me die.


Sunday, December 5, 2010


Congratulations on our ex-HSH member x3Jessly (aka x3Handsome's sister) marriage~
03/12/2010 (08.00pm) Another pair of Newly-wedds were borned~
Best wishes from all HSH-rians.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Frog's Birthday.

aka Leslie aka Froggeh.

Let us shower this bamboo frog with loads of wishes!
Jiayou for school, NS and everything you do!! :D

Oh ya and also, PLEASE TALK TO US DURING OUTINGS and not talk to your itouch. Haha

p/s: Sorry for the lack of pictures. Will add in when I'm more alive. Am currently dying from exhaustion D:
p/p/s: I need to learn some photoshop skills. Hahaha.

With loads of love, Ruth