Friday, December 30, 2011

CokeAddMilk 2nd NL Level200

HeiSerHui did it again!! Another 2nd NightLord has achieved Level200 in HeiSerHui!!
And, it's none other than CokeAddMilk aka sebas!!! The highest contributor in terms of guild points in HeiSerHui!!! 

Congratulations on your greatest achievement!!

While coke was struggling through the last few percentage of EXP, some of us gathered at FM cc11 to anxiously wait for the news.

On 29th December 2011 at 11.10pm, just 2 days away from new year's eve, Coke finally leveled!!! Alas, achieving the glorious moment that every Mapler had yearned for, Level200!

And of course, the megas start flooding in as well...

And most of them happens to be his own mega :p rich kid f3

To top it off, the mini celebration went on with a little bit of spamming!! :p

Although we have known you for just a short period of time, some of us have felt that you are a part of our family :) Hence, we will always welcome you back to HSH anytime :)

Lastly, congrats again for achieving Level200!!!
Give us your echo!! :p

Thursday, December 29, 2011

HSH Guild PVP Trial Run

To bring HeiSerHui another step further, I decided to organize a guild VS guild team PVP match. Where a random guild will be fighting against us!! As this is my first attempt to organize a guild event, a guild team PVP trial match was held last night, as a DEMO TEST.

The trial run was held in Battle Square from 8pm-10pm. I was expecting some of the members to turn up, as promised, but only 5 turned up. The 5 were siewlin(organizer), davidlimxxx, Zelwind, CiarrSnipe, and x3XiaoFatty.

 Thus, while we were waiting for Mom04310, we went for a warm-up match in a game of Free-For-All match. We all agreed to go for the FFA Level70++ match since CiarrSnipe level was not high enough.

After the FFA match, Mom04310 log in just in time for the next match. We separated into 2 different groups in order to start the guild PVP team match. And as usual, we went for the Level 70++ team match. This was a challenge for us as most of us are all 4th job attackers, and it limits our usage of skills to only 3rd job skills.

It was a pretty competitive match between our own people, as all are both equally good and skill-full! Some of them took the leadership role to lead and strategize on attacks and defends. Zelwind did a pretty good job on leading the party that we were in!! Good job!!

During the last few rounds, we gathered in one party and gang up on the little lost lambs who entered into the map. It was a pretty fun moment for us! ;D

After a few rounds of Level 70++ team match, we had the Level120 team match, where FrozenChant replaced CiarrSniper. As there were no people joining the Level120 team match, as usual, we seperated into 2 groups again. We had 2 rounds of match.

It was a pretty good match and everyone had fun hitting me to death =.=. As good things always come to an end, everyone went off after the 2nd match at 10.30++.

And thus, this concludes the end of our guild pvp trial run. Thanks to those who had joined this guild run!! I hope that you have enjoyed yourself as much as I do!!

Stay tuned for the date for the real guild VS guild PVP team match!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas N Happy New Year~

Hi Guys..In this festive season..About Love n Share~ I would like to...
give out a few Maplesea Code ..I got from previous event.. =)

It's on first come first serve basis..
So grab it before it's gone..

BLOGGER went crazy on me..just highlight the portion that's white

P/S: Just in case..if ya dunno how to use..
Just go to cash shop n click e coupon icon..then copy n paste the code from here inside..

SharRay-shaped kite :

Baby Lupin Cape :

Guardian of Irina :

Pluto Hero Package II :

Pluto Hero Package II :

Tiny Bunny (60 days) :

Fugitive :

Martial Effect :

Red Truck (15 days) :

Martial Effect

Street Smart in Cyberworld

Kitty Fishing Assistant

Baby Lupin Cape

Gaga Transformation Potion :

Oh..Please REDEEM IT B4 31st DEC 2011 !

Monday, December 26, 2011

Luminous Guild Formed & 3rd Guild Alliance

A new guild is born!!! Congratulations to the newly formed guild, Luminous created by siewlin, under the full sponsorship of Mom04310. Luminous is under liased with HeiSerHui, due to the high capacity of membership in HeiSerHui. Due to this problem, we are not able to add in new members, "fresh blood" Maplers into the guild. Thus, this guild is formed to add inactive or infrequent HeiSerHui maplers into Luminous.

Luminous, which also means lighting up. Which signifies that no matter how dark a place is, a light is all it takes to repel the darkness. The meaning behind it also means that good(light) will always win over evil(dark).

The guild is formed as it is today on the 25th December 2011, 1.15pm.

* * *

HeiSerHui's 3rd guild alliance is formed, yet again on this day 25th December 2011, right after Luminous guild is formed. The guild alliance, name as HSHEmpire, was created in order to continue the guild tradition. And thus, the guild alliance was formed by Mom04310 on this day as well.

Congratulations to both HeiSerHui and Luminous!! May success be with you always!!

A New LaoDa Is Born

Congratulations to Mom04310 for being the next HeiSerHui guild master!! Hence, the 2nd guild master in HeiSerHui!!!

2hangfei was the founder of HeiSerHui, dated back in 3rd March 2007. Although 2hangfei has been inactive recently, the guild is still as establish as it is today!! Without him, HeiSerHui would not have been created, and we would not have met the HSH gang!!

Recently, 2hangfei has decided that it is time to put down the position as guild master, as he thinks it is time to think of other important things in life, hence his real life (family, friends, work, etc.). Thus, he has decided to give the opportunity to Mom04310, who has been with HeiSerHui as long as he did, to lead and continue the history and traditions of HeiSerHui.

Therefore, this would mark as a day of remembrance of 2hangfei, who have stepped down from his position, and a new born leader of HeiSerHui on the 25th December 2011.

2hangfei will always be remembered no matter what. Good luck to you and your future lives!! May you and your family be well and happy!!

Once again, congratulations to Mom04310, our new HeiSerHui guild master!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cash Cards

Was looking through my junks when I came across these Maple cash cards.

Looking back, I was wondering how on earth did I spent so much money on these game cards. lol

I realized I was so childish and naive in spending all my pocket money on game cards, but I've learnt my lesson. And, that has made me a better person as I am today.

Can you imagine how much of money we spent on these things, that doesn't benefit us at all? While the money that we actually spent can actually be donated to charity and help save lives?

Think about it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Away From Maple

The things that I've been doing since I've been away from Maple.
The picture below says it all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Red Devils

Hello!!! How is everyone doing? =) Hope everyone is doing fine!!

Just recently, I went for a competition and represented my organization. My team colour was RED!!

Just so it happens, while I was looking through the pictures taken on that day, I suddenly thought about HeiSerHui and the dead blog. lol So, I decided to come back here and blog something. Ahaha... random, I know. But the colour RED reminds me of the significance colour of our guild logo. Hehe :p

I'm doing quite well with my life. I hope you all are doing well with yours too!!
Have been really, really, really, really, busy with so many activities that I didn't realize that time had passed really fast! Many things had change over the years, especially people.

Well, I hope everyone of you are well and healthy!! Don't spend the rest of your youth LIFE playing Maple. When you're much older, you'll regret the things that you can't do when you're young! So, go out there and live your life!! =D

Monday, August 15, 2011

HSH - Singapore Outing on 28th August

Hie..YiYi has been a long time since i last posted..
(Blame it on my crazy Uni Life + All e 2x exp event maple is having)

Anw..i'm posting this on behalf of Hara!
She's inviting all HSH-rians (Young or Old\ Pretty or Ugly\ Tall or short\ Fat or thin)

to turn up to celebrate for her "Ah girl's" Birthday on 28th August (sunday) afternoon.

Event : Eat porridge at Ah yee's shop in Bedok?
Time : Afternoon lor~

I'll send out an SMS to e inactive members~ Anyone who still are interested to attend~
Please SMS/MSN me to update your attendance~

Oh btw..i heard momo might be coming over from JB!!!
Make your way down to meet this pretty babe! <--Huge incentives?

P/S: It has been a long time since we had an outing T.T

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zakum Run

Zakum run organized by Yiyi. Two successful runs in total.
No bishop or priest, thus it's self-potted.

This is my 2nd time going for Zakum, with a laptop. The last time I went was year 2008, PriestLau's Zakum Run. That's like ZOMG, 3 years!!

PriestLau's Zakum Run - together with kohcmeng and philiptan

PriestLau's Zakum Run - the ancient attackers

But this time, I used my 5-year-old laptop for the run, sounds a little insane but I practically did!! And I lagged most of the time -.- yay! I died in the first run but I survived at the second run, despite the lags and screen freeze. I don't know how I did it, but it's a miracle O_O

I feel so bad for not contributing much as I was lagging more than I was hitting f4.
Even my Ice Demon hits more than I do f4.

First Run - Arms

First Run - Body

First Run - Died

Thanks Yiyi for the Zakum invite :D

An Affair

Hor... someone was having an affair O:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gathering In Malaysia + MAGF 2011

After a nearly whooping 24 hours of no sleep due to the marathon early this morning, it's a miracle I could make it for the 2pm gathering.

The gathering was held at Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. I was lucky to have my dad to fetch me there as I slept all the way to Bukit Bintang.

At the same time, Malaysia Asiasoft Game Festival was held at the same place, thus, making this a good chance to have our first gathering there. Though, it wasn't much of a success. Only 6 of us turned up. 4 out of 6 happens to be not in our guild. Sleipmon and I were the only guild people lol.

Even though 6 turn up, me, Sleipmon and John(IIDX02SE) were the only one left. LOL.
So, from 2-5pm, we spend the whole day at the festival.

The festival was really packed with people. The music blasting from its box, people waving for their friends, long queues for games, etc.

The moment I step into that area, there was only 2 words which kept swimming in my head, GAME FREAKS.

Despite the lack of sleep, I was too shocked to even blinked (which I eventually did). First time in my whole life I've seen sooooo many......... my gawd... I don't even know whether their humans.

Young Kid Trying Out the New Mechanic Job
And I bet this kid had a Maple character which really OWNS mine. lol

There were several stations with different games which a person must complete in order to get chops. After completing all the stations, a person can get freebies filled with Maple stuffs, mousepad, some balloon thingy, etc.

John was so enthusiastic in completing all stations. On the other hand, I threw away my paper after completing one station. lol. Sleipmon didn't bother to complete them either.

To sum up everything, I think the game festival was quite boring. Not to my extend of interest, maybe I lost my interest in Maple (I still can't believe I was once an Maple addict) or maybe it was the lack of sleep zzz... There wasn't much interesting stuff going around and the place was quite tiny.

Crowd Trying To Catch Goodies While The Administrators Throws Them

Though, I went home empty handed but I felt quite contented with my life.

Thanks to those who came for the small gathering!


P.S: By the time I reach home, I already look this

Finally can get some SLEEP!!! -.-

Friday, June 24, 2011

Asiasoft Gamefest + Gathering

The gathering is confirmed!! The gathering details are stated as below:

Venue: Concourse Area, Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur
Date: 26th June 2011, Sunday
Time: 2pm to 6pm

Please do bring your own money and find your own transport as we are not able to provide them.
Do bring your friends along too!! The more the merrier!
If you encounter any problems, please do give me a call.

Hope to see you soon! ;D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Malaysia First Gathering

Asiasoft is coming to Malaysia this coming Saturday and Sunday!!!

Venue: Concourse Area, Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur
Date: 25th to 26th June 2011 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 11am to 9pm

Please refer to the website for more info.


Given this opportunity, we thought of organizing a guild gathering in Malaysia during the event day. This is our very first gathering in Malaysia, so I hope you can come to this gathering. Anyone can come to this gathering, provided if you know the members in HeiSerHui though...

We ought to discuss on the date, day and time for this gathering. So, please do tell us when and what time you're free to come to this gathering. You can contact us through FACEBOOK or leave your comments at the chat box.

When it is confirm, we'll announce the correct time and date.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Uni & Maple

Advertizing Maple in my Uni campus toilet...

This is just wrong man. So way wrong.

Bah! Like I even care.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Bang Dang It!

Okay, so who wouldn't have known that Bing Bang is out already, huh?
Everyone has been talking about it via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.

So, I've logged in, looked around and was fascinated with the new changes.
And when I say new changes, it's really EXTREMELY new!!

Almost everything had already changed! Innovation, I'd say.
Not only the maps and the chat box settings had changed, there are also new skills too!!

Even the fishing lagoons had changed!!!

The background looks blur because there's something wrong with my laptop -.-ll

And, dang it!! The HP and MP BAR IS SO BLOODY SMALL, it's hard to see if you're HP is low!!! High risk of dying, I'd say.

So, if you've been MIA-ing for quite some time and you wanna burn your extra time, I suggest you to log in to check it out! But, don't get addicted larh :P

However, if there's good things, there's also bad things too.

For example, like this.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First PinkBean Down!!

Saw this in Facebook!! First PB down in Delphinus + Eridanus!!!
Congratulations to the team!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good News

Hello! :D I got good news to share with you all!!

I just made it to the local newspaper in Malaysia!!

I know, believe it a not, I could not believe it myself. I swear! I didn't see it coming!!

However, this is not my first time on newspaper, in fact, this is just my 2nd time. I'm really glad that I didn't throw my life away, mapling till the end of my days. I finally got my life as an University student, and hopefully that I could achieve my dreams to inspire and change the world one day.

I'm sorry to say that, Maple is not part of my life anymore. It is just a unrealistic game and I'm ready to throw away my account anytime to achieve my goal.

OkOk. I'm not gonna brag anymore. I'm just here to spread the good news to my friends as well as my guild mates in the name of HSH!! :D To bring pride to HSH!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


To our ever so important person in HSH: Mom04310
Happy 18th Birthday~
Best wishes from all HSH-rians~

Saturday, April 2, 2011

4th Year Anniversary~

Here's the 4th anniversary guild pictures. Walalala... Sorry for very latteeeeee post. Someone *cough* was lazy to write about it :p

Remember the time we used to have so many ppl around during our gathering? T.T