Sunday, October 25, 2009

HeiSerHui First Banner Competition

The purpose of this competition is to enhance creativity among HeiSerHuians.
This competition is open to all HeiSerHui members only.

In your banner, you MUST include :

1. HeiSerHui name
2. HeiSerHui logo
3. Members of HeiSerhui (not necessary every member, and please, not all pictures of your own self and the same members repeatedly for 4 times)
4. Banner must be Horizontal
5. Size of banner must be 720x576

In your banner, you are allowed to :

1. Use any materials to make your banner interesting
2. Use hand materials (colour pencils, crayons, paintings, sketching, etc)
3. Include words/names for each character, but make sure it is readable
4. Include maple monsters (Zakum, Eragoth, etc.)
5. Pictures and/or words must be cleared

In your banner, you are NOT allowed to :

1. No foul languages
2. No Porn
3. Must be original
4. No copyrights
5. No moving pictures
6. No criticism about religions/races

To participate in this competition, participants must :
E-mail your banner to
Follow by the participants name(characters name), level and gender.

The most vote for the banner will be announce as the winner.
The winner of this competition will receive 10K A-Cash and their winning banner will be posted as HeiSerHui's blog banner.

The closing date for this competition is 30th December 2009.
I hope members will cooperate and make this first event a success.
Thank You.

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