Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I feel my hands itching up for some Maple!!! RAWRR!!!

8 more papers to go!!! F5!!!

Oh yeah, I just change the blog skin. Dunno whether it looks better or worse, but makes not much differences, no?
I wanted to put other skins d, but, I dunno how to put the codes and all those codey codey stuff and it requires sooooooooo much time that I even find it sooooooooo annoying...(I'm excuse coz I'm a first timer :P)

I wanted to find those layouts which doesn't have all those like 'you love me, I love you' or those lovey-dovey layouts with all those holding hand pictures here and's just too...too yucky to be use as a HSH blog -.- ...but, I'll just stick to this classical old boring layouts bah :)

What's with the head picture on top? All my maple pictures outdated, yeah... :D

Why am I blogging this? This blog is almost half dead, half alive all the time...
So, I thought I might keep you, HSH readers, busy reading....hehe... :P

But, anyway, it's already the school holidays and Singapore 'O' Levels is already over.
So, happy mapling and level-ing to all HeiSerHui members!

For those Malaysian students who are still taking SPM, all the best in your exams!! Still got 3 more weeks of hell!! LOL...

And a reminder to all HSH Members that THE CLOSING DATE FOR THE BANNER COMPETITION IS 30TH DECEMBER 2009!!! So, please use your 1 month free time wisely and carefully!!

tatz all for now (:

P.S : Keep the updates coming people!!!

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