Thursday, April 22, 2010

MapleSEA Evan

Oh yeah.
There's Pirate.
There's Knight Of Cygnus.
There's The Legendary Heroes, Aran.

And, now...
there's even Evan?

Wow! MapleStory is definately making money through these online games. Rich eggtarts*.

It's a new job! Everyone is full of enthusiasm about the new job!
Oh, yeah. Sure, I'm cool with it. But, somehow, it doesn't excite me that much.


Cause, somehow, in my opinion.
It's all about that stupid dragon.

I mean, yeah. It's cute and cool and all.
I would like to give it a shot too, but unless it only benefits my main character.

A new arrival for Bahamut. Poor Bahamut ):

And, I heard the next job is coming out. Dual Blade?

Now, this is what I'm looking forward to (:

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