Monday, July 12, 2010

pured3vi1 FFA

pured3vi1 FFA by me.

Level : 142
Job : Arch Ice/Lightning Mage.
Guild : Silence

Explanation : Aran(My friend) gave spooky slot to me, and party me. Went to far corner. Saw people hitting at my spot. Ask the person nicely to cc. Being ignore and still hitting. I hit, he hit = he ks-ing.
Theory : People not party/Doesn't have map owner permission  = KS-ing

Oh yeah. The kser say he was 5 years old and is rumoured to be not the owner. Owner or not the owner. 5 year old or not an old hag. If pured3vi1 does not apologies, he/she will be blacklisted until he apologizes.

Thank you for those who came to help. Appreciated your concern. Move. lol...

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