Sunday, August 8, 2010

2nd Bishop To Hit 200!!!

Another big congratulations to our dear Leasaac to hit Level200!!!

Our 2nd Bishop in HeiSerHui to hit 200 at 11.40pm last night!!
With the help of her dear, Tia.

Once again, congrats to leasaac dear!!! Now, closed that computer of yours and go relax!!!
And, tia, when you want propose leh?! :P

Shortly after the mega floods, we all gathered at cc9 fm to celebrate leasaac dear victory.
With some of the most 'siao lang' people in the guild attending too!

abused sid

noob david

the next 'Bush' Washington ;p

SS Shots were taken.
Mouse and leasaac

siewlin and leasaac

left hand boys, right hand girls


The celebration went on to the night.

Mom0310!!! Faster Level200!!! RARW!!!

~ ~ ~

Happy Birthday to BowKarl!!!

~ ~ ~

I don't know whether is my eyes problem or what...
I just found out that I can freeze ice element monsters!!! OMG!!!
THIS IS SO !$@!$%^#$!$##%^%^@...!!!
Either it's some kind of a bug or...


Here's my proof!!!

How can you explain that?!

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