Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good News

Hello! :D I got good news to share with you all!!

I just made it to the local newspaper in Malaysia!!

I know, believe it a not, I could not believe it myself. I swear! I didn't see it coming!!

However, this is not my first time on newspaper, in fact, this is just my 2nd time. I'm really glad that I didn't throw my life away, mapling till the end of my days. I finally got my life as an University student, and hopefully that I could achieve my dreams to inspire and change the world one day.

I'm sorry to say that, Maple is not part of my life anymore. It is just a unrealistic game and I'm ready to throw away my account anytime to achieve my goal.

OkOk. I'm not gonna brag anymore. I'm just here to spread the good news to my friends as well as my guild mates in the name of HSH!! :D To bring pride to HSH!!

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