Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Bang Dang It!

Okay, so who wouldn't have known that Bing Bang is out already, huh?
Everyone has been talking about it via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.

So, I've logged in, looked around and was fascinated with the new changes.
And when I say new changes, it's really EXTREMELY new!!

Almost everything had already changed! Innovation, I'd say.
Not only the maps and the chat box settings had changed, there are also new skills too!!

Even the fishing lagoons had changed!!!

The background looks blur because there's something wrong with my laptop -.-ll

And, dang it!! The HP and MP BAR IS SO BLOODY SMALL, it's hard to see if you're HP is low!!! High risk of dying, I'd say.

So, if you've been MIA-ing for quite some time and you wanna burn your extra time, I suggest you to log in to check it out! But, don't get addicted larh :P

However, if there's good things, there's also bad things too.

For example, like this.


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