Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gathering In Malaysia + MAGF 2011

After a nearly whooping 24 hours of no sleep due to the marathon early this morning, it's a miracle I could make it for the 2pm gathering.

The gathering was held at Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. I was lucky to have my dad to fetch me there as I slept all the way to Bukit Bintang.

At the same time, Malaysia Asiasoft Game Festival was held at the same place, thus, making this a good chance to have our first gathering there. Though, it wasn't much of a success. Only 6 of us turned up. 4 out of 6 happens to be not in our guild. Sleipmon and I were the only guild people lol.

Even though 6 turn up, me, Sleipmon and John(IIDX02SE) were the only one left. LOL.
So, from 2-5pm, we spend the whole day at the festival.

The festival was really packed with people. The music blasting from its box, people waving for their friends, long queues for games, etc.

The moment I step into that area, there was only 2 words which kept swimming in my head, GAME FREAKS.

Despite the lack of sleep, I was too shocked to even blinked (which I eventually did). First time in my whole life I've seen sooooo many......... my gawd... I don't even know whether their humans.

Young Kid Trying Out the New Mechanic Job
And I bet this kid had a Maple character which really OWNS mine. lol

There were several stations with different games which a person must complete in order to get chops. After completing all the stations, a person can get freebies filled with Maple stuffs, mousepad, some balloon thingy, etc.

John was so enthusiastic in completing all stations. On the other hand, I threw away my paper after completing one station. lol. Sleipmon didn't bother to complete them either.

To sum up everything, I think the game festival was quite boring. Not to my extend of interest, maybe I lost my interest in Maple (I still can't believe I was once an Maple addict) or maybe it was the lack of sleep zzz... There wasn't much interesting stuff going around and the place was quite tiny.

Crowd Trying To Catch Goodies While The Administrators Throws Them

Though, I went home empty handed but I felt quite contented with my life.

Thanks to those who came for the small gathering!


P.S: By the time I reach home, I already look this

Finally can get some SLEEP!!! -.-

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