Monday, August 15, 2011

HSH - Singapore Outing on 28th August

Hie..YiYi has been a long time since i last posted..
(Blame it on my crazy Uni Life + All e 2x exp event maple is having)

Anw..i'm posting this on behalf of Hara!
She's inviting all HSH-rians (Young or Old\ Pretty or Ugly\ Tall or short\ Fat or thin)

to turn up to celebrate for her "Ah girl's" Birthday on 28th August (sunday) afternoon.

Event : Eat porridge at Ah yee's shop in Bedok?
Time : Afternoon lor~

I'll send out an SMS to e inactive members~ Anyone who still are interested to attend~
Please SMS/MSN me to update your attendance~

Oh btw..i heard momo might be coming over from JB!!!
Make your way down to meet this pretty babe! <--Huge incentives?

P/S: It has been a long time since we had an outing T.T

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