Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Member & LoanShark =)

Gratz N00bsim finally LoanShark!!! :D

Anyone got problems, MUST FLOOD HIM. (Yes!! All go bully him!!!) x3 Jkjk

And gratz Romeo33's daughter joined HeiSerHui =D
Let's...erh...let's welcome her? O.O" or maybe I'm the last person who needs to welcome her? =x

Oopsies. x]

And if anyone does wonder, why you see me still login into MS....

Take note, that's not me ^^ That's my Didi.

Didn't want to give out my id,password. But since, poor little lonely Pongo needs a companion, I ask him to play for me :D (message to icecreamr1 & everyone :D)

...I miss Pongo alot...wuwuwu =(

Don't bully my Didi hor...I'll choke you down with steam buns when I login if you did. ^^

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