Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Season Of Love

Already found that special someone to celebrate with during Valentine's day?

It's the day where lovers celebrate together.

You can see couple calling megaing their special ones and saying that 3 letter word, I love you.

Ok la..not so "Kua Jang" loh... ;D

So, those single's out there. Don't be sad. :)
You still have ME to live on!!! :D LOLOLOLOL

Well, what I'm looking forward is definately not Valentines Day. I'm looking forward for free chocolate charms and buying fames in henysis!!! Wahahahaha!!!

Chocolates can be made through NPC in Henysis & Leafre.

If I'm not mistaken, El-Nath & Orbis has one too. This quest can be activate 1 time per hour upon completing it.

There are quest as well. Collecting heart of hearts from mobs to get a heart shield for each 100 heart of hearts.

This nice guy gave me his heart of shield for free. Isn't he nicer then any other mapler? xD

But better watch out where you throw that shield. It might never be picked up again :D

It has an expiry date, by the way.

And if 10 heart shields are collected, it can be exchange for a heart chair.


Not worth it at all ;X

Just for now,

+ * ~ Happy Valentines Day ~ * +

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