Sunday, February 8, 2009

You're Going To Read This

O-kay...I dunno wat title to put leh ;X
So the title is random, okay? ;D

GPQ organised by Mom04310. Thanks for whoever have come. :D
Nua boomed the Eragoth till he turns totally nude ;X

Then I hang around Henysis, thinking of something to do other then 'waiting for chocolates to come'.

So I AFK at Henysis Hunting Ground I.


When I came back, I scroll up my chat bar and saw this HORRIBLE sentence which blinded my eyes.

Some guy defame me for no reason.

And this is his name.

I payed someone to defame him. Only 1 time la.

And I was wondering where to go next when he came up to me and trade me, asking me some question.

"How you let your pet where that equipment?"

I lied, anyhow saying that I dunno. (I'm lazy to explain things which takes me a long time to explain it)

Cancel trade.

He trade me again. This time, he said,

"Can give me @ cash?"


Cancel trade and went to Japan for dunno wat reason.

When I came across this mapler.


Does it mean anything to you? No?
In cantonese, it is translated as "Dr.Pervert". :)
Girls, don't go near to him x)

Bought this. So cute.

If anyone can tell me what's this, more free chocolates for you. Yay!

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