Friday, June 12, 2009

7 Signs of Maple Addiction

1) You stay in front of the computer all day long playing the game.

2) You don't say businessman or engineer when asked about your job - you say warrior, magician, bowman etc instead.

3) You talk about experiences percentage

The higher level you are, the more "PRO"s you get from the noobs.

4) The only monetary value you talk about is mesos. The usage of "PRO" applies here too. The more mesos you have, the PROer you get

5) You WOW to big numbers - the PRO damage.

6) You get angry and curse when someone defames you.

In Maple, you get defamed when someone decreases your fame by 1 and you're so affected by it.(this is definately me O:)

7) You virtually murder your ex-partner after he/she divorces you.

One advice, get a non-pixelated real human partner. You'll get more 'satisfaction' from that, if you get what I mean O:

Do you possess all these 7 signs?

1 comment:

Chris said...

Haha! Nice blog!
Heng ar..I havent got these sign ^^"