Saturday, May 30, 2009


today the sg maplers of hsh got a mini gathering,
call "Ah Yee Congee". LOL
venue at ahyee's congee stall there.
turn out rate was fantastic!! :D
ohkay larh, as compared to last few gatherings. LOL
thanks to bee for organising [very good org ^^],
and also thanks to all who attended.
attendees: laoda, hara&huiying[hope i get her name correct x.x], ahyee&misty,
boi, lingg aiai, wlsp, yiyi dardar, law, teng mama, teck papa and me.
wahahaha, even laoda came ^^

and also, as wlsp's bday is tomorrow [31may]
we had a mini celebration for him too. hehe
and so, most of the photos are on the bday uncle. LOL
and little huiying [hara de gal]

the birthday cake from Secret Recipe,
which i'm so not going again =="

Bday Cake
with the wordings "Happy Birthday to Wai Leong"

and can you believe it?
we celebrated his birthday at kopitiam. LOLOL!
everyone gave their first time away today. HAHAHAHA.
as in first time celebrate in kopitiam. f3
mai think crooked. LOL
and since at kopitiam, all very paiseh to sing bday song.
i sang one line, nobody wna follow.
make me so paiseh. f4

and i requested for wlsp to stand up and pose with his cake,
let bee take photo. hehe.
i think he quite embarrassed by it.
see he take until want take want put down like that


WaiLeong with bday Cake
要放不放 like that. LOL

this is little huiying!
she very ke ai, and kinda fierce also =P
almost followed wlsp home, coz wlsp carry her.
i think she like people to carry her. f3

uncle waileong and little huiying again.
i hope he doesnt see this and whack me =x

uncle waileong carrying little huiying. hehe

blowing candles
blowing candles time!
little huiying wanted to blow candles too.
but apparently the table too messy didnt manage to carry her near enough to blow.
spotted in the photo also is bee in yellow+white striped shirt
and wanyi dardar in white shirt.

cake cutting
and then cut cake time.
little huiying wanted to cut too!
so wlsp carried her and cut together ^^

and because of the 2 little kids,
there were so much laughter. ^^
kids are so ke ai :D
other than little huiying,
there's misty! [ah yee de girl]

ke ai hor? xP
she like water chestnut alot. haha
aiai told me coz teething mah. lol

after that we ate the super cheesy cake.
cheese taste so strong.
then went home.
too full i almost puked. rahh

then wlsp posted this ty note in bbs:
wlsp's ty note

no problem la uncle wlsp.
hope you had a memorable birthday this year coz of us. HAHAHA

oh and sadly we didnt take any group photo!
totally slipped our minds.
and also bee's cam no batt.
too bad le.

anyhow, i enjoyed today's outing alot.
met new people and alot of laughter.
hope you guys enjoyed too ^^

big thanks to bee for organising again.
thankyou ah yee for hosting the outing.
thankyou all for attending.
thankyou bee and aiai for contributing the photos & video.
[video wouldnt be up until further notice. LOL. must see can upload mah. f3]


big thanks to lingg aiai, aka aHBlurLing,
for taking this outing video. ^^

x3 HSH :D

with love,
ruth aka CrEaM.

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