Monday, August 31, 2009

The Historical GPQ moment.

ohkay, i realised not only blogger is screwed up
there's something wrong with my firefox also.
i cant upload anything with firefox, hence i need to use IE -_-

anyway, returning to the purpose of this post....
2 days ago [Sat 29Aug09], HSH suddenly wanted to go gpq.
it feels sudden to me coz i think i just came back from afk or something..
so anyway, we had around 2-3 rounds of gpq.
remembered we had our last round coz of this XX fella,
he say wanted to go coz he can bomb ergoth....
then since he said so, we also dont mind so had this last round for him.

so off we went for the gpq, with ONE single pt. coz the rest had to go off.
in our mind we were thinking we have people to bomb,
and also the person said he dont mind bombing even after charm say its ex.
so 1 bm, 1 chief dit, 2 i/l, a bishop + ken using noob acct we went for the last round.

but this fella here ah only know how to rush and rush,
while the rest of us try our best to jump the stupid spear stage. -_-
so anyway, all along throughout the gpq he just keep saying
he need go get his leech, he need go find his spammer,
his freaking spammer cant wait for him, nobody spam for him le. -_-

i am not writing this post to try and offend anyone.
but this is GPQ leh, shouldnt everyone be putting in their effort and trying to help out?
instead of helping, all he do is to rush us and do nothing. wtheck?
if you cant freaking stay and help, then dont urge us to go.
if you cant fulfil your promise of helping to down ergoth, then dont promise.
dont think you are all mighty just because you THINK you can freaking bomb the ergoth,
which in this case, he didnt freaking bomb the ergoth in the end. -_-

before we went, we were quite worried coz there are no strong attackers in the pt.
it was after the XX fella said he can bomb and ask us to go then we decided to go.
you might ask how about the bm?
she tried her best already can, she needs hb but since we got weak attackers
she keep going in to help but died. hais.

so anyway, the rest have got no choice but to spam like mad -_-
and this marks the historical moment of the hsh gpq, coz 2 i/l & 1 bishy downed the ergoth -_-
big thanks to ken for helping us with the stages before ergoth! :D


salutes to the team, especially to charm and mama for wasting pots and spam.
thankyou lym for trying all her best to help and down, though you cant really tank.

to the XX fella, regardless you see this or not hope can do some reflection.
we dont mind the pots used, but instead your attitude.

p/s: we didnt manage to ss down the ergoth stage coz all were busy trying to down ergoth,
and at the same time trying to keep ourselves alive. -_-


LymLynette said...

Hi... Finally found this Blog spot... ^^ I'm the BM that kept dieing that night... Anyway, need not say thanks to me... GPQ is all about team works... All should be helping each other and not being selfish...

I'm new in this guild therefore i don't really knew you guys well... But i do hope that you guys will lead me along my way... Basically i'm happy to join the fun like going for bossing with guildmates... But i might be a bit noob... ^^ Anyway, i do hope that next time i'm still invited no matter it's GPQ, Zakum run or Scarlion run... I'm willing to go if times allowed...

Thanks to all for remembering me... not always but sometimes...

- LymLynette -

steambunz said... problem..
can't wait till
I meet you in person... :D
i meant maple.hahaz