Friday, September 4, 2009


We R HSHers :D

as the title says it all~
since we were all so bored, went for gpq :D
this time round there were seven of us, and strong attackers. heh
and big thankyou to zl for bringing his noob and jumping the lvl30 hole.

above ss taken with the "NEWS" letterings from agent quest,
provided by charm and lingg aiai,
and also the christmas decorations letterings provided by momo.
sorry about the badly taken & decorated ss, because i cant ss with scroll lock,
had to print screen and paste...
initially dream was beside me in the ss, but i accidentally overwrote the ss. -_-
anyway, boi refused to take ss with his ugleh look so i've no choice but to post it like that.

the 2 rounds of gpq were a success and also some of us got scrolls from bonus stage.
think a few thousand more of points we'll be able to overtake liberte.
so JYJYYYYYYY to HSHians~~~~ :DDD
oh, and also there's 2x exp this coming weekend i think so jyjy chionging levels too! :D

not forgetting something important, with reference to the guild bbs
our dearest bm ImMrHg & bishy leasaac is getting married !!!!
after countless attempts of proposal + seeking approval from ahyee,
Hg finally manage to get leas to nod her head and marry him. :DDDDD

Wedding Details

Day: Saturday
Date: 12 Sept 09
Time: 11pm sharp
Venue: Amoria Wedding Village (duh!)

RSVP to Hg/leas by Monday 7Sept09, 12am.

hmm, try to RSVP as soon as possible bah so they can plan properly and send out the invitations early as you know there's limit to the number of invitations they can send out. so ya. haha

please try to reach there earlier on the actual day so that their wedding can start on time.
you wouldnt want to keep hg waiting you know, he's been waiting to marry leas for so long already... LOL

so anyway, let us all gather and shower them with our blessings and warmest wishes on 12Sept!

with loads of love,
ruth aka CrEaM :D

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