Sunday, September 19, 2010

How To Join HeiSerHui?

Many people ask what are the requirements to *join HeiSerHui guild. Well, your answers have been answered.
For those of you who are interested to join HeiSerHui, you are required to be :

1. Sociable, helpful and nice
2. Not blacklisted in MapleSEA (E.g : KS-ers, FFA, Scammer)
3. Not a hacker, mesos/A-cash scammer
4. Open-minded
5. Active-ness 
6. Minimum Level of any character job is Lvl50. 
7. Being yourself
8. Discipline

And last but not least. You are required to answer a question. Yes. A simple question.
Why do you think you deserved to be a member of HeiSerHui?

The GuildMaster or Jr.Master would observe you upon meeting up with you, character to character.
So good luck! It's not hard, trust me. Just be yourself and who knows?! You'll be the next HeiSerHui Jr.Master! :D

If you managed to join HeiSerHui, then congratulations!! The next thing you have to do is pay your protection fees! 1 billion mesos each month to each Jr.Master.
lol. I was joking :p
Just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself being part of our member!! You'll meet lots of new people and take part in GPQ's too!! See you there!!

 (*Take Note : Guild slots will be only available at certain times. Please pm our GuildMaster or Jr.Masters to check the availability of our slots)

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