Sunday, March 4, 2012

HeiSerHui 5th Anniversary

Let's take a step back into HeiSerHui's history...

03/03/07 - HSH was establish by 2hangfei

03/03/08 - HSH 1st Anniversary

04/06/08 - HSH blog created

05/10/08 - HSH fastest GPQ recorded

12/10/08 - HSH 1st guild alliance with Smash, known as D Federation

02/03/09 - HSH 2nd guild alliance with NoobEmpire, known as HSHEmpire

03/03/09 - HSH 2nd Anniversary

25/03/09 - HSH first guild Zakum

25/10/09 - HSH first banner competition

03/03/10 - HSH 3rd Anniversary

27/06/10 - First member and Bishop to Level200 (zXcmlharaXz)

08/08/10 - Second member and Bishop to Level200 (leasaac)

30/10/10 - Third member, First NightLord to Level200 (Mom04310)

28/11/10 - Fourth member, First DarkKnight to Level200 (Soospirit)

15/12/10 - HSH Facebook fan page created

03/03/11 - HSH 4th Anniversary

25/12/11 - Guild Master passed down to Mom04310

25/12/11 - HSH 3rd guild alliance with Luminous, known as HSHEmpire

23/01/12 - HSH forum recreated

27/02/12 - HSH 4th guild alliance with Aurochs, known as HSHEmpire

* * *

Did you read through all that? I bet you didn't :p

It's been 5 long years since HeiSerHui was created. People come, people go, and people change. Over the time, we have been busy with our personal lives and all, leaving no time for games and such.

And I once remembered having an old conversation with uncle wlsp and aunty CherylSP in Malaysia. I remembered how much of trouble they went through just to find my old house in the heavy rain (they wanted to bring me out lol). They told me to study hard, don't care about anything else except studies. And to me, it feels like it was just yesterday when they told me that.

I also realize that actually some of the friends I met in HSH and in real life, turns out to be quite a good friend too. You know who you are. lol. *NO! NOT YOU STEELYSINZ*

I don't think I've contributed much in the guild, but this is as much as I can do to bring HSH this far, for now. Sometimes, we have to learn how to let go of people who are really closed to us (our attachments). Cherishing the memories we have together is one thing, but having to learn to let it go is another.

* * *

Other than gathering in the usual FM spot, Zelwind decided to change it to Amoria map. So, everyone met up in cc14, Amoria at 11.45pm. We invited our guild alliance, Aurochs along to celebrate with us too! But the attendance didn't turn out that good.

We were actually spending too much time arranging ourselves for the SS Session that we didn't know it was passed 12am. We missed the countdown =.= And Mom04310 was late f3

But the good thing about this year's anniversary is that the celebration atmosphere is still the same every year. The feeling is like having a Chinese New Year family gathering, and somehow you just feel happy being part of the family, right? :D

And so, this marks HeiSerHui 5th year Anniversary. We have sacrifice, grew, learn, teach, cry, laugh together for these 5 years, and even through those tough times where it seems impossible to overcome, we still overcome them in the end.

Once again,

Happy Birthday HeiSerHui. You will always be in my heart.

"Once a HSH, forever a HSH." -kohcmeng

yours truly,

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