Monday, February 27, 2012

Aurochs & 4th Guild Alliance

Last night, a forth guild alliance is formed between HeiSerHui and Aurochs!!! Hence, joining HSHEmpire under the guild union leader of Mom04310!! Thus, now HSHEmpire consists of HeiSerHui, Luminous and Aurochs!

Aurochs was created by one of our former HSH member, LoLiPuFF (now the GM of Aurochs!). This marks another stepping stone for HeiSerHui and a new start for the newly formed guild, Aurochs!!

Congratulations to both parties!! Hope that this guild union will bring the allies closer and enhance greater relationships between both guilds!!

Once again, HUART ARH!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing...
since under the influence of  MoM04310...
HeiSerHui is in support of anti-Lynas!!

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