Sunday, March 3, 2013

HeiSerHui 6th Anniversary

*sweeps off dusts*

Oh geeezzz.... :x It's been a really longggg time since this blog has been updated.
Blame Alex *points finger at Zelwind*, he was suppose to keep this blog alive :x

Well, just about 1 hour ago, HeiSerHui just finally turned 6 years old!!!
Well... well... it's been 6 long years huh? Time really flies!!
Just a few days earlier, during a Chinese New Year visit at Irrwin's and Zelwind's house, they just reminded me about HSH anniversary, which I actually forgot. Goshhh >_< I guess I was too busy with my personal life, that I almost forgot about it :s

* * *

I got nothing much to say much about this, but I'm pretty glad to be part of this guild. Come to think of it, HeiSerHui is one of the longest, and oldest surviving guild in Delphinus, MapleSEA!! May claim to be one of the averagely active in terms of Facebook and online gaming interaction with other maplers (okay, fine. I made that up f3). This is just a fact, but I definitely think it's real! Compared to other guilds during the 2007 era:
GodHeaven, Griffindor, Mafia, Liberte, etc.

You rarely see them celebrate guild anniversaries and whatnots. (Or maybe it's just me who rarely online :x)

Well, even so. I believe that HeiSerHui is not only just a guild for mapling or bossing, but is also a place to socialize, networking and strengthen personal relationships with one another in real life. I believe that is one of our core value so far in our guild.
And I'm pretty proud of that =)

Hence, once again, wishing HeiSerHui a Happy 6th Birthday!! Though we may grow older together with this guild, but our memories will stay with this guild forever! HUAT ARH!!!

 "We are not just guildmates, we are one family."
- siewlin -

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