Saturday, March 30, 2013

[siewlin] A Journey To Lvl200


Wow... looking back at those days when I used to play Maple as a teenager (15 years old). Maple was my favourite game, and now, I'm pretty all grown up now. Now almost turning 21 soon, and plus... hitting one of the top levels in Maple (yet, was known as the most hardest to level), Level200.

What I thought was once impossible, now seems possible to me. And I can't believe I'm heading there soon.

I guess this what makes me a little bit emotional. And, pardon me, it's very rare of me to blog about my feelings over here, but I guess it's worth to share what I feel about my journey to Lvl200.

I guess, what makes me emotional is because, I've grew up playing Maple all my life. I met new people. I met people who had changed me. I met a few sohai's as well LOL. And yeah, I definitely learnt new things like computer savvy languages (LOL, OMG, IDK, noob, etc.), computer related stuffs, and tons of other new stuff. And, not surprisingly, I learnt a few bad words as well -.-lll

Of course, as I grew up, I became more open-minded, and business-minded as I'm currently undergoing my studies in a business university. I probably got a few jizz of how the company works, and I gotta say, Maple wasn't great like it used to. Back in my teens, Maple was much more fun than the Maple it is now. If you probably ask those senior players, they'll probably tell you the same thing. The company has horrible marketing techniques and tons of customer dissatisfaction (want proof? go checkout their FB comments whenever they have maintenance/server checks).

And yeah, of course. I wasted tons of real cash on buying A-cash stuffs. But, I can't regret now, can I? I definitely did learned my lesson from it. After that, I didn't spend another single sent on games anymore.

Now, you're probably wondering:
"Why am I feeling so sad? Aren't you suppose to be happy?"

Yeah! You betcha!! I'm happy x1000 times. 
Yet, I'm also probably sad because I might not be returning as often as I used to. Some of you might be thinking:

"AIH!! This siewlin, so noob! Keep saying she wants to quit Maple, but end up login back soon in 6months time!"


I didn't say quit right? =.= I got a life. Usually, when I stop Mapling for quite some time, it will take a longer time for me to come back to Maple. Why? Because I love my life the way it is without Mapling :( Really, I'm not kidding. And the reason why I'm login back, is to finish Lvling to Lvl200.

It took me 6 years because I played seasonally, on and off. That's why it took me so FREAKING long!!


And, you could have heard, that some people say that Maple is for kids.
I got 5 words for you.


:x pardon my vulgar, but I'm slapping some good sense to you.
If it does some BENEFIT to you when you play the game, then GOOD! It's worth your time.
And if it DOESN'T BENEFIT you, then QUIT it!

So, to me, it does.

And sadly, I'm turning Lvl200 soon :(
And I can't guarantee that I'm ever returning back again, since my job is finally done :( 

Yes, I'm definitely gonna miss those midnight PQ's and MPSH.

Yes, I'm definitely gonna miss my most favourite hobby: trading mass fames and selling mass fames.

I'm gonna miss everything in Maple larh kay =.= and by the time I come back, I'm gonna be so super noob and blur in all the Maple-tech stuff!


I'm gonna miss everything...