Sunday, December 7, 2008

Does Logical Reasons Do Any Good In Games??

One fine day, little porky was exploring the historical places of Perion. When she came across a MONKEY, IN PERION...WITH FIRE BOARS?!


Well, maybe it was there in the 1st place...but...why would a monkey be eating bananas in Perion with Fire Boars?!

Makes no sense at all...

An abandoned hut

Nothing, just posting this picture for fun...
If anyone can guess where did this picture come from, I give you 1 free steamed bun. LOL!!! ~.~

it wasn't Him...
Well...I guess I miss Him too much... =(

Till then with more updates. =)

This blog is ain't gonna die on me, not even the readers :]

Steam Buns!!! :)

Counting Down The Days Before I Say Goodbye...

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