Monday, December 29, 2008

Doggie~Woof Woof!!! x3

You see people mega calling some other people "Dog"

Then the opposite people will get pissed and start with his/her mega..

Then the other person will "bu shuang" and mega again, calling dog..

and the fight will go on till either one of the party loses, etc.etc.

Last night, there was a big commotion in MapleStory, mega fight. Alas, it was also the last day of 2x Event.

Ala...I got no idea what is the story all about. So, I was and watching my chat being spammed with PINK colour megas and seeing people calling dogs everywhere..


Can't imagine...2k @ cash megas being wasted, and the end of the day, what do you get?


No benefits at all.

Just some entertainment for all maplers to see.

GM should do something about these cases, other then sitting down on the stupid computer and earning money through their noses and not banning hackers. BAH!!!

I know, you must be thinking, "Dun wan see mega war then log off la dog!!!"

I'm not a dog. I'm human. and so does everyone else.


dog are innocent creatures D= why want to use dogs x(

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you should use...

cats, pigs, elephants, mouse, etc, etc. :X

This mega was taken a few days ago. See, it calls Tincle a "dog"...

Unfortunately, the person who mega it blocks his/her whisper.

Awww..darn =(

I wanted to tell him/her this

"Tincle is not a dog, Tincle is Peter Pan's best friend!!!"

I know, I'm being sarcastic again x3
So, I told that to Tincle instead.

Well, the school holidays are coming to an end soon.
What I expect is less KS wars and problems and no more calling people doggie.
But, I know they will still be cases like this though. Hehe...

But heck,

are you ready for the ultimate surprise?

Just wait and see... =)


Dogs are innocent creatures!! don't anyhow use their name!!
They have feelings you know...LOL =x

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