Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heiseihui's First guild zak be wasn't a sucessful run..though the zak was downed..but we didn't manage to helm anyone we wanted to..haiz..i'll would like to explain to everyone what happen to our poor poor guild zak..F4..
This picture here is actually what u can see in the lastest update of the cc3 zak time table in the forum(
Hmm..maybe i should bring u to this focus here..with this enlarged picture~as u can see clearly~ HSH guild zak was indicated clearly that it's suppose to be 7-9.30pm Every Tue..But what happen when we turn up there at cc3 itself..we were told that the slot was taken by other zak "inglng" OMG! CRASHED! Apprantly, we manage to contact Cutenlame..the author of the thread for the new cc3 zak time table..
He gave inglng the right to go ahead with his 2 runs and we were left there unknown of what to do.
Aren't we suppose to follow the new one? If not ..what's the purpose of updating at all? o.O
So according to what i've seen here..i suppose that jaspzz(the previous cc3 zak timetable author) said that the old zak timetable slots should remain.

Then..this is what cutenlame replied when sim booked tue slot for Heiseihui's guild zak.
Ok..we've plan this zak for weeks!! Finding attackers..finding bishops/DK making sure they turn up etc..
Momo put in a lot of effort to make this happen..but when we're ready for the run~we realise we're not given the right to do so..this was what he said that night (wasn't too sure of whole story) but it's what i saw when i was there..
Cutenlame : This is a big mistake.
Tokwanyi : So are we suppose to give up our slot?
Cutenlame : Yes
Best of all..we can forget about having any guild zak anymore..=.=
awaiting Cutenlame for further instruction? perhaps?
No!! it's not ok to get our hopes high n fail us all in 2 mins..many of our member are awaiting their chances to get a helm..and they're eagerly waiting for their turn..and now we got this kind of rubbish just in our first run..
Non of us wanted to go back empty we decided to wait for inglng 2 run to finish and we'll go in after that..some of our main attker left due to something they had later on. It was pretty upsetting for them to make their way down here then all we can say is our time slot thio crashed..we can't have any zak=.=..
Not only did it reflect our guild as a very bad organiser for also affected the friendship of those members who have requested their help for the run..
I'm saying all this to remind all of you guys to ensure that there's no such RUBBISH that'll happen again..Even if it's just a small mistake in the forum can cost a lot of damage to us!!
Nevertheless, we still went ahead with the remaining attacker (majority from Heiseihui) ,who couldn't bare to see our first zak fail..haiz..we're all 1 big family..all we wanted was everyone to be happy..we didn't wanted our helmmer to be dissapointed as well..

All of us were waiting there since inglng first run..we just sorta slack around chitchat, afk a bit..when they out le..we continue to wait for their 2nd run to finish..zzz..

This is what u see at the starting of our zak close to 9 pm~ It ran quite smoothly~We manage to down the arms in managable timing..but uncle bear had to leave to fetch his wife halfway>.<..the usual things happens..ppl dc..ppl dies..then ress..then die..our lovely xiaoB was K.O after our last ress was used T-T choice..she have to out was quite a tough fight..ppl continue dying though all the rss were used up>.<till when it's about B3 40% that time..the only 2 attker left there was zloycflx n me..most probably..u can't do much with just 2 attker..but boi n ling were still potting like mad to keep themselves alive ke lian hor..T-T..i think i shouted "mai out" so they stay inside?o.O..dunno wor..the mob were spawning like mad..diam diam poke mob enough liao sia=.=no need attack zak body le..but some time later..boi died..while trying hard to help us attack..argh!! NVM!! still got ling to helm..then B3 20%..she lag n died!!i was wondering what's the point of continuing now =.=haiz

So end up it became like this..zzz..lolz..luckily zloycflx was still there..if he wasn't there..i dun think i have the will to continue also..n there's little more to go took us almost 20 misn to just down that 10% with those irritating mob flying around..n we keep poking them!! super pek chek de sia~

These are the drops after it was down..T-T..3 helm le..if the helmmer were there..they'll be happier!!
Btw : to my twins^^<--GOOD JOB!
SB : Lvl 10 : Angel Ray, Advanced charge combo, Advance combo
Lvl 20 : Time leap, Triple Throw, Genesis
Lvl 30 : Stance, Venom
(anyone interested can pm me to L/O) Will be put on sales this weekend.
This is afterall the best drop!
Drops will be shared by 4 ppl : DevilishTeck, Sunluvmoon, zloycflx, Tokwanyi.
Special thanks to sarf aka Sunluvmoon who spam gene to kill the mob for us <--spam quite long sia=.=and zloycflx<--my hero XD..who stick with us throughout the whole thing though it seems impossible to down
The rest were all HSH member~thanks to all who made this zak possible and made that special effect to come~(even cream dar dar who's using law aka xivvwvvlx<--not sure ign)chuu~ ^^
Although we didn't manage to helm anyone this time round..or prehaps..if our slot weren't affected..our main attker were to wouldn't take so long to down..and not so much people will die due to such a draggy zak=.=
To xiaob, ling n boi..We will helm u guys again if there's a chance again..Don't give up hope!!
To mom04310..dun say sorry to us..none of it was your fault to begin with..there isn't a need for it..we'll just try harder the next time round^^ Bu yao emo le..T_T(don't think she'll read it anw..)
Quoted from LaoDa (2hangfei) : Once HSH..always a HSH..
take care guys
penned by yiyi aka Tokwanyi aka yiyi dar dar^^XD(F3)
Finally, i Must end with : chuuu~ all my dar dar ^^ x33 u guys

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