Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Romeo X Juliet

Do you know that an anime show called "Romeo X Juliet" really exist? :)

Version 0.68 is out! =D
With new updates in MapleSea!!!

Which also includes...

The union of both servers, Eridunus & Delphinus.

Extension of channels.

The release of Magatia, the famous Shakespeare play of Romeo & Juliet.

New quest, events and PQ

Getting The Watermelon!!

Climbing to the top to retrieve a watermelon without touching the tigers and the given the limited time to get to the top!
Easy? Tigers will reappear and dissapear as they like.
The quest to test maplers their patience! See if you can do it! x)

What is my name?

How good is your memory?
Testing maplers their memory power. The more answers you got correct, the higher the exp you're rewarded!!!
I got 2/40 correct ;/

And new cash shops updates!!!


It took me quite some time jumping the watermelon quest.
It was hard at first. But, I after several tries and practices.
I manage to beat my own jumping time to reach the top within 1.30 minute(s) =)



Romeo33's brother?? O_O"

Romeo33's secret lover????? O______O"

Well, at least I know that, I'm not the only one who hates Juliet :D

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