Saturday, May 16, 2009

De-Stressing Myself

Trying to get away from the exams in my head...


Surfing around the FM's room...

and found some interesting people...

A burning green apple, cooked in blue you know it's bad for health? :O

The meaning of his name :

Medidating...nakedly (((:

My new toy for the day. Ugly Wabbit... (:

Something Random...


Stupid me you can call me, I keep typing (/find ginuepig) and I always couldn't track her.

But I bumped in to her in one of the FM's room. What coincidence.

I forgot to add an "a" in the middle of her name. Silly me.


I'm so happy! (:

You know why?



I can stalk you every single day of your maple life. *sinister laughter*


I'm so stress up urgh!! D:

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