Wednesday, May 27, 2009


this blog is kinda dead without some updates.
so just wna drop by to tell you guys that its not dead.
it just lost it soul....
which is siewlin T_T
so miss siewpao sia.
she used to blog alot here.
but now so busy and didnt on maple.. T_T

ohkay anw, BIG BIG GRATS to all who leveled the last weekend,
thanks to the 2x etcetc.
surprisingly, me this slacker also can level once.
actually should be more....
but oh wells, fated i would say.

maple episode 2 gt tonnes of new stuff.
including the anniversary.
as usual the eqps.
i'm kinda lucky to get a least one sia,
considering the fact that last yr i didnt get any luck to get anything.
even my maple shield is people hunt for me one :O

there's also a family system.
adopt a junior and pt the junior and kill mobs to get rep points.
can exchange for 2x with the rep points.
this is one small part i know.
coz apparently i do quest my aiai gt rep points also O_o
feel free to correct me if there's any wrong info.

OH! i'm supposed to have a porcupine. rahhhhhhh
inconsiderate people. tsktsk.
curse you cant sell out ur stocked up porcupines.

aiya, just a brief update nia.
will do a more detailed one w pictures and all when i'm free,
[which is idk when. LOL]
like how siewlin use to do.
or maybe i shall wait her to come back and do this ^^

thats all.

with love,
ruth aka CrEaM.

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