Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Shou Xing Gong" of the Day!!


momo's mega for roger(:

the birthday boy for today is our dearest Dreammech aka Roger!!
this post is abit late though, coz his birthday is going to be over in few hours time.
sorry about the lateness of this post, but still best wishes to Roger!
and also sorry that we didnt have a major birthday party for you at fm
neither did we organise an outing for you.
birthday must tell us earlier mahh!!!!!!!!!!!!! then we can celebrate for you(:

so anyway, hope he had a good birthday and enjoyed it and also all the best to him!
may all his wishes and dream come true yo!
plus plus plus, faster get married. LOLLL

let us shower our wishes and blessing for the birthday boy,
and happy birthday to roger once again(:

with lots of love, ruth.

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