Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding Of ImMrHg & leasaac - 120909

it has been long since our guild had any weddings going on.
yesterday was the big day for Hg & Leas :D

Wedding Announcement

alot of people came to attend the wedding to shower blessings..
and amazingly, even monks came to bless them too.
Hg & Leas must have really done tonnes of good deeds to be so fortunate
and receive blessings from monks. hmmm. =x

3 Botaks!

kidding lurh, they just love botak hairstyles can. which i wonder why.
coz personally, i dont really like botak hairstyles. LOL =x

not only the guests came in person, they also brought along their guardians.
wow, such blessings :D


feels like bodyguards to me, to stop any intruders or people who come and disrupt.
like you know tv always show, people want get marry then some random guy
barge in and try to snatch the bride away or something. lol. sorry watch too much tv =x
so anyway, the "big guys" being brought in sort of liven up the place i think.
so jealous lorh, i dont remember my wedding being to lively. LOLLLL =x


just look at the number of people man, so freaking crowded at the lobby.
i cant even see myself from amongst the crowd. D:
and wahrao lorh, make me lag also. LOL. kidding. i just dc-ed somehow nia. -_-

and sooooooooooooo.................
under the blessings of the TLC guild, HSH, and their beloved BLs,
the blissful couple finally stepped into the wedding hall.
and under the witness of us, they got married happily :D

Happily Married
SS provided by Hg.

i cant help it and i think i ought to say it. have the urge to say it.
hg ah hg, you should train your ss-taking skills. =/
omg, i mean at least minimize the chatbox mahh.............. -_-

so anywayyyyyyyyyy................
wedding leh, how can it go without megas & weathers??
sorry lurh, i cant find the weathers ss i took. wahrao lorh. -_-
like i said before, they are a form of showering our blessings to them(:


wedding, of coz must have happy wedding photos hor.

Wedding Photo

ps, this was the best i could take by using printscreen hor. -_-


see how happy the couple is :DDD


not only we grats them, the guild grats them too :D
and of course, after receiving so many blessings they gave thanks too(:

with this, marks the end of their wedding and off they went to get their rings & gifts.
after which, mama and i took their virgin APQ run :DDDD
finally manage to apq after donkey years -_______-

lastly, let us all congrat Mr&Mrs Hg once again and wish them happy marriage :D

with loads of love, ruthh.

p/s: ss were uploaded via photobucket and for privacy purposes, i cant allow "click to enlarge".
so if you guys want the full version of the ss, please drop me a msg or something(:

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