Monday, November 29, 2010

First Dark Knight In HSH Level200

We have our beautiful ladies, working hard to achieve Level200.
We have our first female bishop, zXcmlharaXz. Also our first HSH member to Lvl200.
Recently, we also have our first nightlord, Mom04310. Female also, to hit Lvl200.

Oh yeah! Good job ladies!!! Let's bring on the girl power!!!


And now, after days, weeks and month. We finally have our first male gender to hit Level200!!!
He is a newbie in our guild. Our first Dark Knight to Level200 in HeiSerHui!!!

Can you guess who is it?

He must be sexy.

He's a pro!!


He is none other then


Uncle Soospirit!!!

Did I turn you off already? =p Oppsies!! Ngeh ngeh!!

Finally our Ah Pek Soo finally Level200!!! RARW!!!
After for so many months stucked at Level199!!!

Our "humble" Soospirit want level200 liao, but he keep quiet, and never tell us about it!!! F5
Diam diam Level in Horntail run together with Mom04310, on 28th November 2010, between 8 to 10pm. RARW!!!

Anyway, congrats to Soospirit for Leveling200!!!
Our first male member as DK in HSH!!!
Hope you'll continue to be with HeiSerHui for as long as this guild is still here with us!!

Pai seh..this is nothing much for you. Hope you like it =)

From all of us in HeiSerHui.

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