Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hari Raya Haji GPQ

" so many people online," Mom04310 said.

"GPQ!!!" I CAPS. "GPQ!! GPQ!! GPQ!! F5!!"

You couldn't have imagine, how long I've wanted to GPQ. Those words were like music to my ears. Hearing them makes me wanna shed tears. Don't you agree? :p
It has been 5 long months since our last GPQ. Finally, with the cooperation of the members and Jr.Masters, the long awaited GPQ has finally arisen!!! *Halleluyah song playing with lights shimmering*

Members were gathered at the Excavation Site, cc14 after the 2x EXP event which ended at 10pm. Members rushed towards the site, in hoping for a reward from *ahem* Mom04310. With the reward of 5m each for whoever turns up for GPQ :P HEHHEHEHEHEE...

It was a great and wonderful gathering for all of us, after all, we only gathered as a guild once in a blue moon, no? All the members from the guild who online, had turn up! Even our meow meow, xiaokitty turned up for the GPQ too.

But xiaokitty was a bit sot sot that day =x=x=x=x=x

The GPQ was leaded by our dear CSP, siewlin. And our beloved Tokwanyi became a volunteer as The Noob Of The Day.

First Round

First Round - Waiting for yiyi
The first GPQ round went pretty smoothly, even the first stage had no mistakes. But, our jumping skills had really really really really rotted. As you can see the picture above, we were waiting for our dear yiyi to finish her noob portal.

At the second GPQ round, things started to pick up as we were able to get the hang of the jumping. The most pro jumper is Tokwanyi and FrozenChant(aka Asa) F3. The rest are still as fat as ever, including siewlin F3.

Second round
By the time we ended the second round, it was 11.30pm++. Some of the members had to hit the sack already. Therefore, the third round still went on with a dangerous number of only 6 people.

But, alas, there was an unforeseen circumstances ahead of us. At the bossing stage, siewlin, the group leader, dc-ed. Woohoo!! LOL.

Her screen frozed, hanged, blacked out and stopped responding. Due to the old age of her one and only laptop. T.T
Pity yiyi nia...xing ku ni le...jump so xing ku and at the end she dc-ed :x

In the end, there was no bonus stage. She is terribly sorry for the trouble that she had caused for all of you :X
She'll make it up to all of you one day ya ^^

Therefore, our Hari Raya Haji GPQ came to an end, I think. Since there was only 5 people left in the guild. If it did continued, that is the story which I can't continued. ^^

Thank you to those who had contributed and came as well!!!
Hope we could organized more of this kind of GPQ's more often.
Till then, Huart Arghh!!!

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