Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Old Times

Found these old pictures in Friendster, HSH Group. Oh, yes, the long forgotten Friendster group.
HeiSerHui olden days.

GPQ - Uncle Ahman Solo Eragoth

HSH finally made it to the top 50 guild rank list

 Illegal Gathering

 Looking back at these pictures. Reminds us how much time has pass.
So many things has changed.
The people who were once with us.
The people who were now no longer with us.

The history from the past who will be forever engraved on HSH as long as it's still standing.
But, things will changed no matter how much time pass.

What is my point, you're asking?
My point is, that no matter how cashy you look like,
or how rich you are,
or how high your level is,
or how many million of Horntail runs you have organized/went for...

You're just 1 in a billion maplers out there.
You're replaceable.

So, don't waste your effort and money la.
No matter how much you put, there's other maplers who are better then you.

MapleSEA = Entertainment

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