Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Countdown Gathering

A new year countdown gathering was organized in FM Room18, cc14. Most of us are there for the countdown.
So, here are the pictures which some of you have been asking for.

The Early Birds

Sometimes I Wonder, Is Soo Asking His Cat To Move Or Blame?? :p

There Is No Gatherings Without Spamming!! :D
For Your Info: I Don't Suck Rock f3
The Dating Couple :p
Disturb Them...Hehehe...

Picking On Asa For Afking :p

3 Logos - Hei, Ser, Hui.
This is to represent, wealth, health and happiness. But, for a moment, this looks 'wrong'.

~ ~ ~

Wishing all maplers a Happy New Year 2011!!!
May you and your family prosper with wealth, health and happiness!!

and may HeiSerHui continue to grow stronger with more active members!! Huart argh!! :D

Just for sharing, coz I found this conversation really funny.

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