Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Rant About Mega Wars

Year 2011 is just 2 days away, have you thought of your new year resolution yet?

Well, school is going to start soon...
People will be busy with their studies, work, and yada yada yada...

Less people will online soon.

They'll be lesser lag.

Lesser KS Wars.

Lesser Mega Wars.

and nevertheless, more opportunity to hunt AhMa and Sam!!! Yay!! XD

Well, let's spend the rest of the holidays wisely ya ;D

~ ~ ~

A Rant About Mega Wars

Mega. A great way to express one's self to the whole server.
But, also, a great way for entertaining people and also burning a hole in your pocket.

Mega wars, you would probably see random maplers throwing insults and anger at each other through pink highlighted words. Once their mega's are interupted by interferers, who knows, you might be the next victim.

I find that mega wars is a waste of time and a waste of money.
Just imagine what other things you can do with those A Cash. I probably can set up 5 shops in one day and probably earn a "maple living"!! But on the other hand, with those money, I could have help myself with 4 plates of chicken rice, a plate of popiah, and a can of 100Plus.
If you're not the type who likes to eat, maybe with that kind money, you can help someone who is in need.

I mean, I find it pointless, for mega wars.

Though, it's an awesome way to show that you're powerful and loaded with cash. A way to show that you're fearless and powerful.
But, to me, if you want to show what's power, buy those 2-4k mega's larh!! Keep say more mega, more powerful. But all I see is pink megas. Cheh!! Lousy!!

As I was saying, I think mega wars is pointless and money consuming.
If you're buy A-cash using mesos, then it should okay larh.
But, to those who are still studying and not working, your parents work so hard to earn pocket money so that they can give you, and all you've spend is on some crappy mega wars.
If you're working, it should be okay larh.

Thus, I'm not saying buying mega is a bad thing. I'm saying that, spend your money wisely.
Don't waste your money on your anger, and your self-foolish reasons.
Because, no one is gonna remember it, accept yourself.

You will not be punished for your anger, but you will be punished by your anger.

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