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Jump Patch 2 ! The Amazing Monster Park !


Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be an Urgent Server Check for Ares and Artemis Gateway on 27th February 2012 from 1500hrs to 1700hrs (+8 GMT).

Game Service will NOT be available during the above mentioned timing. Kindly logout before this period of time to prevent any game disruption.

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Due to server check , i got some free time to update blog :S
So ~ This is The 2nd Patch of Jump patch (if no wrong ~~)
This Update will be at 7th March 2012 / 14th March 2012 ! 
What is Spiegelman’s Monster Park?

Mr. Spiegelman decided to open a park where we can fight monsters with party members.
Want to know more?
Monster Park is a new party play zone available from players who are level 20 or higher.
There are three gates you can enter. Each gate has a variety of dungeons you can enter solo or with party members.
The 50% additional EXP applies in this new content.

If you want to enter a dungeon, you will need to have a:
- Zebra Printed Ticket (you can only enter dungeons if you are below level 70)    (<- 10 = 1 ->) 
- Leopard Printed Ticket. (you can only enter dungeons if you are between level 70 and 120)(<- 10 = 1 ->)
(*if no wrong , all monster will drop those ticket piece.*)
This is the NPC where u can exchange the ticket piece to 1 ticket !
In each dungeon you have to defeat monsters. The monsters can drop a variety of items, such as potions and unidentified items, Monster Park coins and items that enhance the stats of the personality traits.
The monsters in all Monster Park dungeons are strong and have high HP, but you get High EXP in return.
Can be found at most of the Town 
To go in The Monster park , u need to find This Zebra skin Cab ! 
There is 1 more door Blocked ! (For 120 lvl above)
What exactly is Monster Park?Monster Park is a party play zone where you have to rush through stages by defeating monsters and bosses.

A ticket is required to enter a Monster Park dungeon. You can find three gates in the Monster Park area.
There are three gates where you can select a map to enter the dungeon.

You can enter a Monster Park dungeon alone or with a party up to 6 members. Each party member gives an additional 50% EXP.
The monsters in Monster Park have unusual high HP and high EXP so the best thing to do is to team up with people and rush through the few stages.
This is The Monster park Coin which drop from Monster in Monster Park
In the dungeon, monsters can drop a Monster Park coin, which is just like the Maple Coin used in Monster Carnival. The coins are used to redeem prizes from Spiegelman.
The prizes are ridiculous.

For 50 Monster Park coins, you can get a Spiegelman Mustache face accessory. The accessory is time limited and cannot be extended. The only good thing is that it adds +100 Charm and Ambition.
The second and last prize is available for 100 Monster Park coins. It’s a pocket item. The pocket item is also time limited and increases +30 Charm, Ambition, Insight, Willpower, Empathy and Diligence.
The mini boss
There are 6 stages, normally this is how they’re like:
  • 1st Stage – Monsters~
  • 2nd Stage – New monster~
  • 3rd Stage- A mix of the two monsters + 1 boss.
  • 4th Stage – A mix of the monsters from the 2nd stage and a boss.
  • 5th Stage – The boss introduced in 4th stage + a new boss.
  • 6th Stage – Everything combined.
Oh ya ! i almost forgot , There’s a high drop rate of equips, and every equip dropped has a hidden potential!

Above two video was recorded when i was playing KMST last year !
But WAIT !!
i saw somethings really interesting when i was playing KMST !
A new bag !
Hoooray !!
This Bag can keep those PQ(party quest) ETC !!

In case you are wondering, the bag is a Party Quest item bag. You can get it from a special quest that requires you to clear a Party Quest.
In this bag, you can store up to 8 Party Quest items. Proof of the Hob Warrior is one of them. I think other Party Quests have similar items in which you have to trade it for a reward. 

I think this is the End of the Jump patch ? im not sure that there is a 3rd patch anot x.x
And im quite Buzy lvling and Big Exam in this Year , im not sure i can always active anot :P 


*(Most of Picture and detail if from ,*
my apology for being lazy to tap myself ~

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