Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alliance Guild With Smash, D Federation!!!

Let's All Cheers!!!
It's the guild alliance!!! (which was also newly updated in the patch too)

D Federation was born, alliance with HeiSerHui & Smash guild with Elvin0Chan our alliance guild leader!!!

Now, all HeiSerHui-ers, be on your best behaviour more bullying newcomers... :)
please don't spam the chatbox please...=x

The alliance has been sealed just yesterday, and maybe it was our first 2 guilds to be alliance in MapleStory!!!

Cheers everyone!!!

Formation Of The Alliance Guild

Sealing The Deal With Elvin0Chan & 2hangfei

And The d Federation Is Formed!!!

The Guild Alliance Data~ :D (GM...please fixed the bug in's so messy)

And a new colour chat!!! xD

...which we can fool people~xD

Now we have 6 colours of text~xD

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