Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gratz siewlin & wlsp 4th Job!!!

The 6 hours of 2x event given for Hari Raya Holidays.

After months of training. Finally I made it!!!

Although the journey was hard, well, sort of...=x

Everything paid off.

Gratz myself Arch Mage Ice/Lightning & wlsp Bowmaster leh!!!! xD

Gratz others as well who Lvled too during the 2x...haha...

Gratz piggy lynnliu Lvl168 too~wakakaka~ MuackzZ you lotz~

Couldn't have done it without the help of the guild members, who have always been there for me.

Although some special people can't be there to see me....sadded

*munch munch munch cookies sadly* =x (wakakaka)

Special Thanks To :

The Duku Team

Ah Nua For Staying Up In The Wee Hours Of The Morning Training With Me

Mom04310, CharmedP03, kohcmeng, wlsp & 1 more NL (forget his name =x) For Helping Me With The 4th Job Quest Hunting

And Last But Not Least...

Lynnliu Pigpig For Helping Me Too...Love You Lotz Lotz~MuackzZ~


Char Siew Pao aka siewlin

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