Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Special People, For A Certain Reason

Last post for the week :

Early one morning,
The phone was calling,
I picked up the phone,
And heard a ringing tone.

It was Heng Yean Lynn,
Who wanted a gathering,
I ask, don't you have anything else to do?
She said, no, do you?

I slammed down the phone,
Ouch! Someone threw a chicken bone,
I roared, who dares to mess with my throne,
It is me, Nui Kuan Yee, the little one.

Here comes my entertainment,
Forgetting all about the argument,
Lee Si Ting, the dancing girl,
Her moves will make you wanna swirl.

Comes along, Mok Wai Hoe,
He was busy learning Taekwando,
Standing beside was Alvin Ng Jia Tzi,
He was dead boring already.

Someone was knocking on the door,
It was Low Wei Ke, whom I adore,
Piggy lynnliu was skipping along,
Singing out a lovely song.

Along came Chong Su Wei,
No one can defeat her in maths, no way!
Beside her was Chang Yan Ee,
My next year's Komander and Pengerusi.

Sitting down was philip tan,
I want to thank him for all he've done,
Cheryl and Wai Leong, now teaching me,
Don't maple! Must first study!

Now, my maths teacher Mr.Tan,
Teaching me Circles, 3, 2 and 1,
The group now cheering, HeiSerHui,
I won't forget you all this this day.

Enough, the party is over,
All go home now, I can't continue any longer,
Everyone went home in just a minute,
Peace and quiet, just what I need.

Throughout my journey,
I know it isn't easy,
But there's always a strategy,
And not forgetting, our family.

I shall end right here,
Without a single tear,
You must be wondering, who wrote this thing,
It is I, Chuah Siew Lin.

written originally by Chuah Siew Lin.
remixed with my real life friends.
Dedicated to all whom read.

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