Thursday, November 20, 2008

HeiSerHui Small Guild Gathering At Pirate New Map

Finally!! Everyone longing for the this time to come!!! Pirate jobs!!!

There has been some improvement after the long patch.

2k maple points will be given for free if any maplers change their accounts passwords.
And there has been a 2nd password to be typed out, for safety from being hacked.
It's kinda good. But, it gets in the way, sometimes...-.-"

Upon login in, a new world also has been released. Fornax. Which is in the Malaysia Server. Sadly enough, every one's main is stucked in Singapore Server, and if playing the Malaysia Server, we have to start a new character again.
Sucks isn't it? Totally. GM is just making more money, not? -.-"

Lvl200 maplers can sit on this cool looking dragon~x3
Dream on siewlin...wait till a millions years till you can sit this ~.~

And of course, exploring the new pirate map!!!
Nah, no new mobs. Only just pirate stuff maps and things like that. ~.~

HeiSerHui make a small gathering and we met up in the newly pirate small town. Either walking there or taking a taxi.

This map is where the pirate advancement is made

Till then. =)

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