Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Siew Lin's Maple Life Journal - Friendships

I was trying to find a DK for El-Nath PQ. But sadly, all the high level DK's already done the PQ and there wasn't any DK friends I knew.

So, I passed the message around in Guild, Alliance & Buddy. But sadly enough, none so far.

A guild mate of mine who semi-quitted maple, logged in. Haven't seen him logged in quite a long time.

I asked my guildmate to help me pass the message around.

And I was dumb found when he told me that all his buddies deleted him from their buddy list.

You see, he isn't an odinary maple player. He's quite known in Zakum Parties & Horntails too.
He has a lot of friends of course, for a famous high level mapler like him. He helped alot of his buddies and guildmates.
Even famous mapler sometimes pmed him for Zakum attacker, etc.

But, sometimes everyone has to deal with their life problems. Trying to solve their daily problems and stuff.

And soon, he told his buddies he was semi-quitting and didn't log in for a few weeks or months.
He did log in sometimes. To check up on guild notices and stuffs like that and also training.

But 1 by one, his buddies dissapears. And in the end, he was all left out, an infamous original player again once more.

What happens if your buddy assistance isn't there anymore?
You won't be needing them anymore?
So you delete them?
Or you still keep them ?

You delete them for what cause? To add new buddies as well?
How long has your friend been active before he turns inactive?
Why delete them when they helped you so much and you turn your back at them after they turned inactive or semi-quitted?

Funny to say, even after they semi-quitted or being inactive, we shouldn't delete them.

How accurate do you to think they will never come back again someday?
What if she/he comes back today?
Next Saturday?

But what if never?

Even if one's buddy is inactive, one should not delete him/her just yet.

I had a friend of mine, which I met 2 years ago when I started maple.
I still remember his name.
He was, XRiokiX.
He was very active. Almost every single day I would see him logged in without fail.
9 months after that. He suddenly stops logging in maple again.
I waited eagerly and patiently, waiting to see him online each day. But each day was a failure.
A few months later, year 2007, December. He logged in. And I was the only buddy left in his buddy list, who survived 1 whole year. He was different and we chatted awhile before he logged off.
Sadly after that, he no longer logged in maple anymore. But his name is still in my buddy list till now and I realise, that it was time to let go of him and deleted him from the buddy list for the last time.

Somehow, you may meet many friends in a game, but how important are they to you to be kept as a friend?

There's still a lot of inactive friends of mine in my buddy list. But I do not delete them, because they really meant a lot to me and they've change a fraction of my habits in me. Same goes with Guilds.

If you would leave the Guild one day, just to seek another higher or famous guild to join in. Then, you wouldn't know what friendship means.

For friendship, is getting along together.


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