Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Updates So Far

*siewlin grabs keyboard and screams at the screen*
*she gasp for air*

and says

Finally Level121 after 2 weeks. :x

Pongo Level27!!!
Love my 2 year old doggy so much~!! ><

P.S : Wondering why Pongo doesn't carry any @ Cash Item? 2 words.

No. Money.

But I still love Pongo even if he doesn't help me loot things :P

People gets impatient with stuff sometimes...
and tends to get what their craving for...

Just wait for the patch to come before you get carried away, shall we?

Fooling around with piggy lynn when I was farming in Bain.

Last but not least...

where everyone heads to every night, after a long and tiring day after work or school...

the bed... :)

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