Friday, November 28, 2008

A Little Push, Goes A Further Distance

Yeah!!! Finally another GPQ after for so long!!! Lol...

But 1st round with uncle kohcmeng not around and mostly all new members who haven't done GPQ before. Only 1 Jr was leading the team (1st round only).

Good thing also I guess. Recruiting the new members for GPQ. Hehe...^^

But bad thing is leh...they sure torture you till your hair all go white. And that person who is growing white hair is ME!!! LOLLLLL....

Bang the keyboard till all with blood!!! LOLLLL

Try talking with them end up screaming #^%#$%$ at la joking... =x

But all went quite well in the end. =)

Thanks all who came for GPQ.

Now, lets see when is the next one gonna be. Maybe next month? LOL!!!

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